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Sample Tests

Testing Center
Sample Tests

The files below contain information about the respective exams. Please use this information to help you prepare to do your best. Referrals are also available from Assessment Staff if you would like to review/prepare for assessment with a Tutor

English for Non-Native Speakers Sample Assessment Test PDF English for Non-Native Speakers Sample Test

  • CELSA (Combined English Language Skills Assessment) is an assessment exam used for course placement into English as a Second Language courses. This test takes 45 minutes to complete and consists of 75 multiple choice questions. The test is written only and does not include a listening or spoken portion. The scores and recommended course placements are available to the student shortly after test completion.

    The test involves reading a conversation or other paragraphs and choosing the correct word to complete the story or conversation.

    There are four levels of ELAC classes and your score on the CELSA test will determine which level is best for you.

    These exams are available on a walk-in basis in the Assessment Office. Please review this sample material and this informational handout to determine whether ELAC testing is right for you, and please contact the Assessment Office with any questions.