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Umoja-Mesa Academy

what is the umoja-mesa academy program (umap)?

The Umoja-Mesa Academy Program (UMAP) at San Diego Mesa Community College is open to all students, but, its unique program design specifically aims to increase the graduation, retention, and transfer rates of African-American students. UMAP adheres to being relevant towards the African-American experience, by utilizing course curriculums emphasized on improvement of reading, writing, and critical thinking skills; by having faculty counselors to provide assistance with the personal issues that often hinder African-American students in an educational setting; and UMAP is a "family" in which we help and take care of one-another in the experience of learning how to navigate college and becoming successful in education.

UMAP offer students

  • Career, academic and personal counseling
  • Opportunities to attend Umoja sponsored events and conferences
  • Access to Umoja Community scholarships
  • Cultural experiences
  • Academic excellence celebrations
  • University visits
  • Mentoring
  • Access to Umoja Village Space
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Make new friends

Umoja students benefit from

  • A tight-knit campus wide community
  • Comprehensive student support programs
  • On and off-campus enrichment activities, including university visits and conferences
  • A safe place to discuss the real issues that affect students and the broader community

Eligibility requirements

  1. Apply for admission to San Diego Mesa Community College  
  2. Apply for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA at
  3. Schedule an appointment at the Testing Center to complete the Placement Assistant for English and math
  4. Submit the Program Interest Form
  5. Attend the UMAP Orientation (Date TBA)

along with the steps above, you must

  • Meet with a UMAP Counselor to design an academic plan. 
  • To schedule a meeting time appointment, email UMAP Coordinator Michael Temple at
  • Be willing to enroll as a full-time student (12 or more units)
  • Register in the UMAP courses

how do i apply?

To apply please complete the following interest form.