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Adam Erlenbusch
LMFT, Advoc8 Program Coordinator

General Counseling Hours:
M/T 8-7pm
W/TH 8-6pm
Friday 8-3pm


Student Services

What does ADVOC8 stand for:

Advancing:                                      Through:

1- Campus                                      4- Character

2- Career                                        5- Cultivation

3- Community                                 6- Creativity

                                                       7- Collaboration

                                                       8- Communication



ADVOC8 was founded by Coordinator, Adam Erlenbusch in Fall of 2016. In the establishment of this program, the goal is to build a strong sense of campus community involvement and intentional direction towards majors/careers. The mission of ADVOC8 is to serve and prepare students in areas of personal development, leadership, career, transfer success and equity through the Olympian character.

Services Provided

  • Academic, personal and career counseling
  • Career information/workshops
  • Variety of school supplies
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Internship/Job-shadowing/Informational Interview direction and support
  • Peer partnering
  • CommUNITY events
  • Book store credit (as funding provides)
  • Fostering campus connections

Eligibility for Program Services

*Students must be in their second or continuing years to meet eligibility for ADVOC8. Students must also be enrolled in 12-units with a cumulative 2.0 GPA during the Fall and Spring semester enrolled in ADVOC8. Other requirements to consider:

  1. Students must attend two campus events in the Fall, and complete the tracking form (ADVOC8 Tracking Form). Download and save the form. Dates for submission are subject to the year of enrollment. See program coordinator.
  2. Complete one of the following in the Spring semester: a) One informational interview OR b) Internship hours OR c) Job shadowing (students will be assisted with ideas and support for various career objectives)

How to Apply

 Application deadlines are subject to the year students apply.

Students interested in applying for the ADVOC8 program must submit a completed Program Application (ADVOC8 Enrollment Application). Download and save the form.

Please email completed application to Adam Erlenbusch ( or drop-off at General Counseling office I4-303.