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To take advantage of the programs and services provided by Mesa college you will need to be officially enrolled at the college. You can apply for free through CCCApply.

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Below are the recommended SERVICES that may help you at Mesa College. Services do not require any application or registration to use. Students are welcome to visit these offices on campus for assistance or to attain more information.


Below are the recommended PROGRAMS you may qualify for at Mesa College. Programs often offer benefits to joining such as tutoring, counseling, priority registration, book vouchers, and special events. These opportunities often require an application to determine eligibility. Some programs have a limited space/student capacity.

Full-time vs Part-time status

Based on your responses, you are either currently enrolled in less than 12 untis (full-time) or are planning on enrolling in less than 12 units. In some cases full time students are eligible for extra benefits and help.

If you were able to increase your course load (12 units or more) you may be eligible for the following programs: