Faculty Directory




Name Department Phone Email Position Office Location Mailbox
ABAJIAN, MARK Economics 619-388-2432 mabajian@sdccd.edu Faculty G-225 G-248
ABBIATE, GINA Mathematics 619-388-2398 gabbiate@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215K K-108B
Henry, Joy Humanities Jhenry@sdccd.edu Faculty
CRUMPTON, NICHOLAS SE Instructional ncrumpton@sdccd.edu Staff
ABE, VALERIE Architecture 619-388-2255 vabe@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-214 Z-212
ACEVEDO, OSCAR Chemistry oacevedo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ADAME, ANGEL Fine Art aadame@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ADAMS, DAVID Mathematics daadams@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ADAMS, THOMAS Culinary Arts Management tgadams@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ADAO, MELISSA Dance madao@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
ADELMAN-MITCHEM, MIRANDA Biology mmitchem@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ADELSON, EVAN Sociology 619-388-2291 eadelson@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HD SB-305H
ADONA, GABRIEL Counseling 619-388-2537 gadona@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
AGATHA, RACHELLE Administrative Services 619-388-2990 ragatha@sdccd.edu Administration A-102 A-102
AJO, FRANCES English as a Second Language fajo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ALATORRE, AMBER Counseling 619-388-2986 aalatorr@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
ALBERTI, PATTON Food Services 619-388-2560 palberti@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
ALCA, MELANIE English as a Second Language mpiche@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ALEJANDRE, YARELY English yalejand@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ALEJANDRO, VALERIE Facilities 619-388-2814 valejand@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
ALEMAN, JOHANNA Student Success and Equity 619-388-5940 jaleman@sdccd.edu Staff I4-401 I4-401
ALEXANDER, EDWARD Chemistry 619-388-2618 ealexand@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-415H K-108B
ALFONSI, MARIE English 619-388-2277 malfonsi@sdccd.edu Faculty G-325 G-248
ALHASSOON, OMAR Psychology oallasso@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
ALLBEE, CARLYNNE Business callbee@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ALLISON, TARAH English tallison@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ALLRED, CHRISTIE English as a Second Language 619-388-2360 callred@sdccd.edu Faculty G-307 G-248
ALVAREZ, IVONNE Admissions 619-388-2682 ialvarez@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
ALVAREZ, FLORENTINO Facilities 619-388-2814 falvarez@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
AMANIEL, GIDEON Basic Skills gmaniel@sdccd.edu
AMBERS, CHARLES Black Studies cambers@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ANDREWS, JUNE Exercise Science jkandrew@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
APPLEBAUM, KIMBERLY Animal Health Technology kappleba@sdccd.edu Faculty P-300
AQUINO, DION Technology Services 619-388-2830 diaquino@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-442 LRC-404
ARCHER, KATHY Counseling 619-388-2538 karcher@sdccd.edu Staff I4-303 I4-303
ARD, KENNETH Music kard@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
ARELLANO, MARIA Physical Therapy mrarella@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
ARGUELLES IBARRA, ISAAC Disability Support Programs and Services iarguell@sdccd.edu Staff I4-405 I4-405
ARIAS, JOEL Office of Communications 619-388-2955 jarias@sdccd.edu Staff A-110 A-109
ARMSTRONG, DAVID Mathematics dsarmstr@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ARNEGARD, JAMES Admissions 619-388-2682 jarnegar@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
ARNOLD, MILARM Mathematics marnold@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ARNOLD, BECCA Economics 619-388-2251 barnold@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ARREDONDO, JOSUE English jarredon@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ARRELLANO, RAYMOND Facilities 619-388-2814 rarellan@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
ARTEAGA, EDUARDO Facilities 619-388-2814 earteaga@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
ASCANIO, RUBEN Spanish rascanio@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ASCENCIO, ROXANN Counseling 619-388-2538 rascenci@sdccd.edu Staff I4-303 I4-303
AVILA, ANGIE Student Development 619-388-2896 aavila@sdccd.edu Staff I4-401 I4-401
AVORH, JOHN Political Science 619-388-2410 javorh@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-311E SB-305H
BACON, SHANNON Biology 619-388-2823 sbacon@sdccd.edu Staff K-108B
BAFFORD, MEGAN Marketing mbafford@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BAILEY, KIM English kbailey@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BAKER, SARAH English sbaker@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BALDERAS, CHRISTINE Physical Therapy 619-388-2839 cbaldera@sdccd.edu Faculty S-321 S-324
BALICH, MICHAEL Design Center mbalich Faculty Z-204 Z-212
BALL, IAN Chemistry iball@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BALLARD, SCOTT Accounting smballar@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BANAE, MITIKU Economics mbanae@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BARBOSA, JOSE Exercise Science jbarbosa@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
BARHOUM, SIM English 619-388-5927 sbarhoum@sdccd.edu Faculty G-320 G-248
BARRETT, NORMAN Architecture nbarrett@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
BARRIE, DONALD Physical Science 619-388-2942 dbarrie@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-115J MS-115N
BARRINGTON, ELIZABETH Health 619-388-2664 ebarring@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
BAS, BULENT Geology bbas@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BATTERSON, BARBARA Geography bbatters@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
BAUM, NOBUKO Japanese nbaum@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BAUTISTA, ARACELY Business Office Support 619-388-2746 abautist@sdccd.edu Staff A-101 A-101
BAUTISTA, MANNY Health 619-388-2437 mbautist@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101F L-101
BAYISA, YEZABENESH Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 ybayisa@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-134A LRC -134A
BEAVER, HENRY Computer and Information Sciences hbeaver@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
BELDEN-HILLERY, KATHERINE Mathematics khillery@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BELEW, SANDRA Mathematics 619-388-2385 sbelew@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215F K-108B
BELLAVIA, JOSEPH Accounting joe.bellaviacpa@gmail.com Faculty K-108B
BELTRAN, ROBIN Psychology rbeltran@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
BENEDITO, JOE Technology Services 619-388-2518 jbenedit@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-4000 LRC-404
BENFER, BRIAN Fine Art brianbenfer@hotmail.com Faculty K-108B
BERG, CHRISTOPHER Exercise Science cberg@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
BERGER, KENNETH Geography 619-388-2406 kberger@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-110D SB-305H
BERNAL, JUAN Mathematics jubernal@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BERRY, GEORGE Languages Faculty
BERRY, JEFF Spanish 619-388-2342 jberry@sdccd.edu Faculty G-219 G-248
BERVER, DAVID Communication Studies dberver@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BETSCHART, NATHAN Fine Art 619-388-2204 nbetscha@sdccd.edu Faculty G-244 G-248
BHATIA, NEIL Technology Services 619-388-5841 nbahatia@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-4000 LRC-404
BINGHAM, LEELA Spanish 619-388-2361 lbingham@sdccd.edu Faculty G-235 G-248
BINTER, JOSEF Philosophy jbinter@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
BISHOP, BAILEY Interior Design bbishop@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
BLACK, LISA Psychology lblack@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
BLACKMON, LYLE Hospitality lkblackm@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BLAKE, TONI Psychology tblake@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
BLATTLER, NGOT Food Services 619-388-2560 nblattle@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
BOLTON, BRADLEY Accelerated College Program bbolton@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BONHAM, KHRISTINA Biology khristina.bonham@gmail.com Faculty K-108B
BONILLA, GEORGE Computer and Information Sciences gbonilla@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BOOTH, ROBERT Student Accounting 619-388-2704 rbooth@sdccd.edu Staff I4-106 I4-106
BOSKIN-MULLEN, NANCY Dance nboskinm@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
BOSS, ROBERT Music bboss@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
BOURDAGES, JOLINE Psychology jbourdag@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
BOYD, ARTHUR Counseling aboyd@sdccd.net Faculty I4-303
BRADFORD, KATHERINE Humanities kbradfor@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BRADLEY, JEFFREY Philosophy jbradley@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
BRAHMBHATT, ANAR Biology 619-388-2273 abrahmbh@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315K K-108B
BRANSON, KEVIN Technology Services/Tutoring 619-388-2861 kbranson@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-457 LRC-404
BRAUN, JANNA Journalism 619-388-2338 jbraun@sdccd.edu Faculty G-310 G-248
BRAVO, NAAYIELI Counseling 619-388-2718 nbravo@sdccd.edu Staff I4-303 I4-303
BREWER, MICHAEL Biology mbrewer@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BREWER, PATRICIA Biology pbrewer@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BRIMO, MARILYN Communication Studies mbrimo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BRINTON, KAREN Physical Science kbrinton@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BROMMA, NANCY Student Health Services 619-388-2774 nbromma@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-211 I4-211
BROOKS, KAITLIN Communication Studies kbrooks@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BROTHERS, WILLIAM Biology 619-388-2787 bbrother@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315J K-108B
BROWN, DANENE Business and Technology 619-388-2803 dmbrown@sdccd.edu Administration J-106 K-108B
BROWN, JODIE English jbrown@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BROWN, MICHAEL Mathematics 619-388-2383 mjbrown@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215O K-108B
BROWN, WILLIE Facilities 619-388-2814 wbrown@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
BROWNE, HENRY Health 619-388-5787 hbrowne@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101G L-101
BRUCK, DOUGLAS Music 619-388-5542 dbruck@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
BRUNETTE, DANA Animal Health Technology dbrunett@sdccd.edu Faculty P-300
BUCHANAN, BARBARA American Sign Language 858-429-5596 bbuchana@sdccd.edu Faculty G-234 G-248
BUCHER, MATT Exercise Science 619-388-2737 mbucher@sdccd.edu Staff L-101 L-101
BUDZYNSKI, DONNA Chemistry 619-388-2887 dbudzyns@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-415J K-108B
BUENAVISTA, FELIPE Facilities 619-388-2814 fbuenavi@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
BUENO, GUADALUPE Financial Aid 619-388-2817 gbueno@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
BUIBAS, MARTHA Mathematics mbuibas@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BURNETT, CHRISTINA Biology chburnet@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BURR, RALPH Psychology rburr@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
BURRUS, PATRICK Mathematics 619-388-2586 pburrus@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
BUTTLES, LINDA Health 619-388-5642 lbuttles@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
CABANAS, ERLOVE Exercise Science ecabanas@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
CAIN, SARA BETH President's Office 619-388-2721 scain@sdccd.edu Staff A-104 A-104
CALANOG, JAE Physics jcalanog@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CALDITARA, CYNTHIA Facilities 619-388-2814 ccaldita@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
CAMPBELL, RODNEY Bookstore 619-388-2854 rcampbel@sdccd.edu Staff H-105 H-105
CANEDO, OSCAR Chicano Studies ocanedo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CANO, NANCY Spanish ncano@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
CARCIOPPOLO, JOANN Business jcarciop@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CARDENAS, ANNA Child Development acardena@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CARMICHAEL, JENNIFER Biology 619-388-5887 jcarmich@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315A K-108B
CARSON, KRISTINA Counseling 619-388-2535 kcarson@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
CARTER, GARY Communication Studies scarter@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CARTER, KRISTINA English kcarter@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CARTER, SASHA Geology scarter@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CATANO, YOLANDA 619-388-5034 ycatano@sdccd.edu Staff A-109 A-109
CASTELLANOS, CARLOS Spanish ccastell@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CAVAGNARO, DIANA Fashion aheadinc@cox.net Faculty B-103
CAVANAUGH, KRAIG Fine Art kcavanau@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
CENTANNI, LOUIS English lcentann@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CENTOFANTE, TERESE Fashion tcentofa@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
CHA, SAMUEL Chinese scha@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
CHAGNON, JILL Radiological Technology 619-388-2283 jchagnon@sdccd.edu Faculty S-319 S-324
CHAGNON, RICHARD Music 619-388-2221 rchagnon@sdccd.edu Faculty C-216 B-103
CHAMBERS, FRED Chemistry frchambe@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CHAVEZ, PATRICIO Fine Art pachavez@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
CHAVEZ, VICTORIA Chicano Studies vchavez@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CHAVEZ, MARCO Business Services 619-388-2771 mchavez@sdccd.edu Staff A-102 A-102
CHEN, SU-LIN Fashion suchen@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
CHITCHAROEN, TASSANEE Library 619-388-2548 tchitcharoen@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC
CHRISTENSEN, GARY Drama gchriste@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
CHU, JOSEPH Real Estate jchu@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CHU, ELIZABETH Nutrition 619-388-2209 echu@sdccd.edu Faculty S-309 S-324
CHUN, AULANI Dance 619-388-2453 achun@sdccd.edu Faculty L-114B L-101
CHWEKUN, JOHN Fine Art jchwekun@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CLARK, KRISTAN Drama 619-388-2650 kclark@sdccd.edu Faculty G-316 G-248
CLARY, WILLIAM American Sign Language 858-429-5563 wclary@sdccd.edu Faculty G-326 G-248
CLAY, MELVIN Chemistry 619-388-2881 meclay@sdccd.edu Staff MS-406 K-108B
CLOUD, LESLIE Computer Business Technology 619-388-2233 lcloud@sdccd.edu Faculty G-302 G-248
CLYMER, JANICE Biology 619-388-2785 jclymer@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315F K-108B
CODDON, DAVID English dcoddon@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
COHEN, MARINA Mathematics mcohen@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
COLEMAN, DAVID Astronomy dcoleman@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
COLLIER, SERENA English scollier@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
COLLINS, JARRED Accelerated College Program 619-388-2390 jcollins@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
COLLINS, JACQUELINE Administrative Services 619-388-2554 jcollins001@sdccd.edu Staff A102
COLLINS, LAURA Dental Assisting 619-388-2697 lcollins@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
COMULADA, MICHAEL Architecture mcomulad@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
CONNELLY, GARY Real Estate gconnell@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CONTRERAS, JUAN Extended Opportunity Programs and Services jcontrer@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-309
CONTRERAS, RUDY Psychology rcontrer@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
COOK, CASEY Geographic Information System ccookgis@gmail.com Faculty K-108B
COOPER, DARIUS Humanities 619-388-2365 dcooper@sdccd.edu Faculty G-335 G-248
COPELAND, HENRY Mathematics hcopelan@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CORBISIERO, KELLIE Personal Growth kcorbisi@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
CORNELL, CALEIGH English ccornell@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CORRALES, REBEKAH Disability Support Programs and Services 619-388-6674 rcorrale@sdccd.edu Staff I4-405 I4-405
CORRELL, ESPEN Psychology ecorrell@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
COST, JENNIFER English 619-388-2363 jcost@sdccd.edu Faculty G-306 G-248
COSTA, DENISE Social/Behavioral Sciences and Multicultural Studies 619-388-2801 dcosta@sdccd.edu Staff SB-304 SB-305H
COTTRELL, RANDY Building Construction rcottrel@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
COVICI, ANNA Learning Resource and Academic Support acovici@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
COX, KEITH History kwcox@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
COX, KEVIN English 619-388-5509 kcox@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
COX, MICHAEL History mcox@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
CRAIG, AMY Accelerated College Program acraig@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
CRAKES, AILENE Counseling acrakes@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
CRANE, LUKE English lcrane@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CRATTY, WILLIAM Music wcratty@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
CRESWELL, LAURA Accelerated College Program 619-388-2346 lcreswel@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CRIVELLO, MICHAEL Physics 619-388-2653 mcrivell@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-115L K-108B
CROCITTI, JOHN History 619-388-2417 jcrocitt@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
CROSS, IDA Child Development icross@sdccd.edu Faculty R-100
CRUZ, ALBERT Computer and Information Sciences acruz@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CULLIVAN, MARK Economics mculliva@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
CUNNINGHAM, AMY Psychology acunning@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
CURL, CAROL Medical Assisting ccurl@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
CURRAN, TODD Exercise Science 619-388-2430 tcurran@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101C L-101
CURRY, MAUREEN Fine Art mcurry@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
DAMOOSE, ALISON Mathematics 619-388-2387 adamoose@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215D K-108B
DANG, LYNN Student Accounting 619-388-2704 ldang@sdccd.edu Staff I4-106 I4-106
DANIEL, OMAR Exercise Science odaniel@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
DANIELS, WILLIAM Exercise Science wdaniels@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
DARLING, JULIANNE Star Trio jdarling@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-308
DAVID, NICHOLAS Office of Communications 619-388-2272 ndavid@sdccd.edu Staff
DAVIS, MICHAEL Technology Services 619-388-2510 mdavis@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-460 LRC-404
DAVIS, WILLIAM Spanish wdavis@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DAWES, CHRIS Biology 619-388-2427 cdawes@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315T K-108B
DAY, KATHIE Food Services 619-388-2560 kday@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
DE LA TOBA, CLAUDIA English cdelatob@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DE LEON, RAUL Spanish 6195946588 rdeleon@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
DEBCHAUDHURY, SUDATA History sdebchau@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
DEBNIAK, KURT Exercise Science kdebniak@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
DECKELBAUM, SHELTON Drama sdeckelb@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
DEEGAN, JOE Philosophy jdeegan@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
DEL PILAR EZETA, MARIA Financial Aid 619-388-2817 mezeta@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
DELA CRUZ, CORA Food Services 619-388-2560 coradelacruz@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
DEMCHO, MONICA Extended Opportunity Programs and Services mdemcho@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-309
DEMEO, NICHOLAS Counseling ndemeo@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-303
DENNIS, SARAH Psychology sdennis@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
DENNON, SKYLER Financial Aid 619-388-2817 sdennon@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
DERILO, JENNIFER English jderilo@sdccd.edu Faculty G-348 G-248
DETWILER, PAUL Biology pdetwile@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DEWSE, RONALD Counseling rdewse@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
DIAZ, CARINA Spanish chdiaz@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DIHN, HELEN Veterans and Records 619-388-2805 helendihn@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
DINCKAN, GULAY Anthropology gdinckan@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
DINES, ADRIENNE Counseling adines@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
DINH, HELEN Veterans and Records Staff
DINH, TRAM ANH Student Accounting 619-388-2704 tdinh@sdccd.edu Staff I4-106 I4-106
DIVINE, JENNIFER English jdivine@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DO, PAULINE Vietnamese pdo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DOAN, ANASTASIA Exercise Science adoan@sdccd.edu Staff ES
DOHERTY, MATTHEW Biology mdoherty@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DOHR, AYUMI Japan adohr@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DOLCE, CRAIG English cdolce@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DOUGHERTY, NELLIE Extended Opportunity Programs and Services 619-388-2706 ndougher@sdccd.edu Administration I4-309 I4-309
DOUGLASS, MARNYA Nutrition mdouglas@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
DOWEY, ANA Biology adowey@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DRUE, CHRISTOPHER Sociology cdrue@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
DUARTE-BRAUNSTEIN, KARINA Personal Growth kduarteb@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
DUCHOW, DONNA English as a Second Language 619-388-2305 dduchow@sdccd.edu Faculty G-316 G-248
DUCKLES, IAN Philosophy 619-388-2294 iduckles@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-311H SB-305H
DUPRAW, CHRISTINE Nutrition 619-388-2208 cdupraw@sdccd.edu Faculty S-307 S-324
DURKEE, MICHAEL Computer and Information Sciences mdurkee@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
DYER, KAITLIN English seast@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
EADES, THERESA Physical Therapy teades@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
EAST, STACEY Fashion seast@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
EBRAHIMI-FARDOOEE, MOHAMMED Mathematics mebrahim@sdccd.edu Faculty MS215U K-108B
EDMUNDSON, RONN English 619-388-2318 redmunds@sdccd.edu Faculty G-345 G-248
EICHBERGER, GERMAN Computer and Information Sciences geichber@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
EIDGAHY, SAEID Mathematics and Natural Sciences 619-388-2795 seidgahy@sdccd.edu Administration MS-301 K-108B
ELGHRAOUI, SARAH Mathematics selghrao@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ELION, LESLIE American Sign Language lelion@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ELLIOTT, GREG Physical Science gelliott@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ELLIOTT, JOHN Music jelliott@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
ELLOIE JR, LOUIS Psychology lelloie@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
ELMORE-COSTA, PATRICIA Communication Studies pelmore@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ENFINGER, JEREMY Radiological Technology jenfinge@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
ENGLISH, RUSSELL Computer and Information Sciences 619-388-2239 renglish@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ENGSTROM, LYNN Fine Art lengstro@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ENNS, THEODORE Mathematics tenns@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ENRIGHT, GWEN English genright@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ENRIQUEZ, VIRGINIA Business Services 619-388-2631 venrique@sdccd.edu Staff A-102 A-102
ESCALANTE, ERICK Disability Support Programs and Services eescalante@sdccd.edu
GARCIA, ERICA Business Services 619-388-2771 epgarcia@sdccd.edu Staff A-102 A-102
ERLENBUSCH, ADAM Counseling aerlenbu@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
ESGUERRA, GENEVIEVE gesguerr@sdccd.edu
ESKEW, HOWARD Business 619-388-5759 heskew@sdccd.edu Faculty G-226 G-248
ESQUIBEL, ALEJANDRO Architecture aesquibe@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
ESTEP, JUSTIN Psychology 619-388-2325 jestep@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-311L SB-305H
ESTRELLA, FERNANDO Architecture festrell@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
ESTRADA, CLAUDIA Transfer Center and Career Guidance Center 619-388-5040 @sdccd.edu Staff I4-306D I4-306
EZRATTY, JUDY Hospitality jezratty@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FAGER, DAVE Exercise Science 619-388-2737 dfager@sdccd.edu Administration L-101M L-101
FALO, LUISA Business Office Support 619-388-2746 lfalo@sdccd.edu Staff A-101 A-101
FARANO, CHRISTA Geography cfarano@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
FARNES, DARLENE English as a Second Language dfarnes@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FAY, MATT Biology 619-388-2822 mfay@sdccd.edu Staff K-108B
FEGAN, JAMES Health 619-388-2452 jfegan@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101B L-101
FELIX, BARBARA English bfelix@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
FENDER, ROB Design Center rfender@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-204 Z-212
FENNESSEY, KATHLEEN Student Affairs 619-388-2699 kfenness@sdccd.edu Staff I4-408 I4-408
FEORI, MEEGAN Fashion 619-388-5915 mfeori@sdccd.edu Faculty B-106H B-103
FERGUSON, SUSAN Child Development sferguson@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
FERNANDEZ, FRANK Stockroom 619-388-2761 ffernand@sdccd.edu Staff K-202 K-108B
FERREIRA, FRANCISCO Facilities 619-388-2814 fferreir@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
FERRERIA, CHRISTOPHER Fine Art cferreri@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
FICKESS, MARGARET Dental Assisting 619-388-2245 mfickess@sdccd.edu Faculty S-314 S-324
FIELDS, EDWIN Accelerated College Program 619-388-5824 efields@sdccd.edu Faculty MS415Q K-108B
FIERRO, DAVID Technology Services 619-388-2515 dfierro@sdccd.edu Administration A-111 A-109
FIOCCHI, VIRGINIA Italian vfiocchi@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FISCHER, PEGGY Animal Health Technology 619-388-2832 pfischer@sdccd.edu Faculty P-303 P-300
FISH, HEDDA English hfish@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FISK, DAVID Accelerated College Program dfisk@ucsd.edu Faculty SB-305H
FITZGERALD, TERRY Communication Studies tfitzger@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL Culinary Arts Management 619-388-2240 mfitzger@sdccd.edu Faculty G-322 G-248
FITZGIBBONS, JOAN Nutrition jfitzgib@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
FLEWELLING, ERIN English eflewell@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FLOR, SHIRLEY Counseling sflor@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
FLORES, SEAN Library sflores001@sdccd.edu Faculty
FLORES, OLIVIA Star Trio oflores@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-308
FLOURNOY, DONNA Dance dflourno@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
FORD, THERESA Black Studies tford@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FORMAN, JACK Emeritus jforman@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
FORREST, SUZANNE Medical Assisting sforrest@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
FOSTER, CHERYL Business cjfoster@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FOSTER, LARRY Mathematics lafoster@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FOSTER, LAWANDA Veterans and Records 619-388-2805 lfoster@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
FOSTER BOLLMAN, CHRISTY Radiological Technology 619-388-2666 cfoster@sdccd.edu Faculty S-320 S-324
FOUAD, GEOFFREY Geography gfouad@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
FRANKIE, TASHA Computer and Information Sciences 619-388-2685 tfrankie@sdccd.edu Faculty MS222A K-108B
FREEMAN, MARK Mathematics mfreeman@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FREEMAN, VICTORIA English as a Second Language vlannen@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FREMLAND, ROBERT Chemistry rfremlan@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FRISCH, SONDRA Humanities sfrisch@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
FUENTES, ALMA Facilities 619-388-2814 abfuente@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
FUENTES, ANA Facilities 619-388-2814 rfurbish@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
FURBISH, REAGAN Biology rfurbish@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315I K-108B
FURLAN, MIKE Biology mfurlan@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FUSCO, JOHN Accounting jfusco@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
FUSCO-HERNANDEZ, AMANDA Chemistry afusco@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GABDRAKHMANOVA, FARIDA Interior Design fgabdrakhmanova@sdccd.edu Faculty
GALIPEAU, KATHLEEN Interior Design kgalipea@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
GALLARDO, SAKEENAH Communication Studies sgallard@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-116
GALLEGOS, ROGER Psychology rgallego@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
GALUSHA, TERRI Financial Aid 619-388-2817 tgalusha@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
GAMBILL, RANDALL Financial Aid 619-388-2817 rgambill@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
GAMBRELL, JACK Culinary Arts Management jgambrel@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GAPPY, JAMES Computer and Information Sciences 619-388-2641 jgappy@sdccd.edu Faculty MS222B K-108B
GARCIA, EDGAR Spanish egarcia@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GARCIA, OCTAVIO History ogarcia@sdccd.edu faculty
GARDNER, LINDA Biology lgardner@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GARDUNO, MARIA Computer Business Technology mgarduno@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GAST, MICHAEL Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 mgast@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-447 LRC-404
GASTELUM, YVONNE Accelerated College Program ygastelu@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GAZUR, SIOBHAN Fashion sridgway@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
GEIDA, KAREN Extended Opportunity Programs and Services kgeida@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-309
GELLER, ANNE Biology 619-388-2426 ageller@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315H K-108B
GEORGE, MARIA Child Development mgeorge@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GEORGE, TAJ Business Services/Stockroom 619-388-2771 tkrumhol@sdccd.edu A-102 A-102
GERACE, VERONICA Communication Studies vgerace@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-116A SB-116
GERGENS, DWAYNE Chemistry 619-388-2509 dgergens@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-415F K-108B
GIBBINS, LINDA Student Health Services 619-388-2774 lgibbons@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-211 I4-211
GIBSON, MARIANNE Web Design 619-388-2201 mgibson@sdccd.edu Faculty G-340 G-248
GIBSON, LOUANN Child Development 619-388-2201 lgibson@sdccd.edu Faculty S-313 S-324
GIRON, ROLANDO Computer and Information Sciences rgiron@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GLORIA, RACHEL Mathematics rgloria@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GODINEZ, ALMA Financial Aid 619-388-2817 agodinez@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
GOFF, EILEEN Geographic Information System egoff@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GOLDEN-ROMERO, PATRICIA Hospitality pgoldenr@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GOLDSTEIN, MICHAEL Physics 619-388-2265 mgoldste@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-115D K-108B
GOMEZ, PAUL Technology Services 619-388-2520 pgomez@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-461 LRC-404
GOMEZ JR, RAUL Dance rrgomez@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
GONZALEZ, GUADALUPE Counseling ggonzale@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
GOODMAN, MICHAELLE Architecture mgoodman@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
GOODMAN, ALAN Music 619-388-2809 agoodman@sdccd.edu Staff C-109 B-103
GORDON, ROBERT Business rgordon@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GORHAM, LAURA Disability Support Programs and Services lgorham@sdccd.edu Staff I4-405
GOCSIK, KAREN English kgocsik@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GRAMADA, CEZARINA Physical Science mgramada@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GRAY-ADAMS, GRACE Multimedia ggrayada@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GREENBERGS, HELEN Psychology 619-388-2288 hegreenb@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HI SB-305H
GREGG, JOHN English 619-388-2317 jgregg@sdccd.edu Faculty G-309 G-248
GREGORY, SUSAN Business and Technology 619-388-2803 sgregory@sdccd.edu Staff J-106 K-108B
GROSSMAN, EMILY Biology egrossma@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315E K-108B
GUENTHER, CORINNA Anthropology cguenthe@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
GUIDI, JACLYN Exercise Science jguidi@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
GURGANUS, ALISON STEINBERG Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2938 asteinbe@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
GUTHRIE, WAYNE History wguthrie@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
GUZMAN, CHRISTINE Germany cguzman@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
GUZMAN, JOSE Exercise Science 619-388-2737 jguzman@sdccd.edu Staff L-101 L-101
GUZMAN, FLORISEL Financial Aid 619-388-2817 fguzman@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
GWIN, MARY SSBS 619-388-2331 mgwin Faculty SB-311J SB-305H
HALCOTT, JOSEPH American Sign Language 619-908-1850 jhalcott@sdccd.edu Faculty G-233 G-248
HALE, TERRENCE Counseling thale@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
HALL, TANYA Philosophy thall@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
HAMIDY, WAHIDA Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 wahamidy@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-109 LRC -134A
HAMIDY, HAMIDULLA Technology Services 619-388-2519 hhamidy@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-412 LRC-404
HANDS, ASHANTI Student Affairs 619-388-2699 ahands@sdccd.edu Administration I4-408 I4-408
HANDY, LINDA Nutrition lhandy@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
HANNA, MONA Chemistry mhanna@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HARDIN, BILL Facilities 619-388-2814 billhardin@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
HARDY, CATHERINE Health chardy@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
HARRISBURG, THOMAS Computer and Information Sciences tharrisb@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HARRIS-FELLER, MICHELLE Student Health Services mharris@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-211 I4-211
HARRISON, MICHAEL Spanish 619-388-2203 mharriso@sdccd.edu Faculty G-218 G-248
HARTER, JAMES Mathematics 619-388-2379 jharter@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215Q K-108B
HARTSOCK, AARON Exercise Science ahartsoc@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
HAWKINS, MISTY Fine Art mhawkins@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
HAYES, DEBRA French dhayes@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HAYES III, PAUL Disability Support Programs and Services phayes@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-405
HAYWARD, RALPH Computer and Information Sciences rhayward@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HAZEN, ELIZABETH Bookstore 619-388-2854 ehazen@sdccd.edu Staff H-105 H-105
HAZLETT, KEVIN Exercise Science 619-388-5804 khazlett@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101D L-101
HEDEKIN, ANNE Personal Growth ahedekin@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
KEARNS, JENNIFER Office of Communications 619-388-2759 jnkearns@sdccd.edu Staff A-110A A-109
HEISSER, CECILY History cheisser@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
HELSCHER, EDWARD Exercise Science 619-388-2274 ehelsche@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
HENDERSON, VALERIE Drama vhenders@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HEPP, BEATRICE Italian bhepp@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
HERAS, SARAH Spanish sheras@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HERMAN, KRISTEN Biology kherman@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HERNANDEZ, GRISELDA Biology ghernand@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HERNANDEZ, JENNIFER History jehernan@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
HERNANDEZ, MONICA Chicano Studies mehernan@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HERNANDEZ, AMANDA Chemistry afusco@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HERNANDEZ, RAMIRO Counseling rmhernan@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
HERTEL, ROBERT Business rhertel@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HESS, CYNTHIA Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 chess@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-109 LRC -134A
HESSER, MARTHA Fine Art mhesser@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
HIGGINBOTHAM, ERIKA Disability Support Programs and Services 619-388-2780 ehigginb@sdccd.edu Staff I4-405 I4-405
HILLIKER, BRADLEY Architecture bhillike@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
HINKES, MADELEINE Institutional Effectiveness 619-388-2509 mhinkes@sdccd.edu Administration A-109 A-109
HINTON, LIZABETH Drama lhinton@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
HJORTH-GUSTIN, PAULA Chemistry 619-388-2850 pgustin@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-415L K-108B
HO, TONY Mathematics tho@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HODGES, JACQUELINE English as a Second Language ahodges@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HODNICK, HOLLY Interior Design 619-388-2941 hhodnick@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-206 Z-212
HOEFER, WILLIAM Exercise Science bhoefer@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
HOFFMAN, ANDREW English 619-388-2367 ahoffman@sdccd.edu Faculty G-334 G-248
HOGAN, SUSAN English shogan@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HOLDEN, MIYOKO Japan 619-388-2324 mhamanak@sdccd.edu Faculty G-221 G-248
HOLLANDS, LUCINDA Exercise Science lholland@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
HOLLEN, SANDEE Academic Skills Center 619-388-2898 sahollen@sdccd.edu Staff I4-203 I4-203
HOLLOWAY, JEFFERY Chemistry jmhollow@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HOOPES, JULIA Biology jhoopes@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315B K-108B
HOPKINS, TINA Computer Business Technology thopkins@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HORNBROOK, LEE English lhornbro@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HORNER, AMANDA Business ahorner@sdccd.edu Faculty G-330
HORSMAN, LARRY Building Construction 619-388-2261 lhorsman@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-203 Z-212
HORVATH, CHRIS Technology Services 619-388-2529 chorvath@sdccd.edu Staff S-310 S-324
HOSKINS, JOHN English jhoskins@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HOWARD, LALEH Mathematics 619-388-2399 lahoward@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215J K-108B
HOYER, KATHERINE Communication Studies keortiz@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HOYO, VERONICA Accelerated College Program vhoyo@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
HUBBARD, HELENA Admissions 619-388-2682 hhubbar@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
HUENEBERG, ELIZABETH Communication Studies 619-388-2301 ehuenebe@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-116E SB-116
HUGHES, BRADLEY Astronomy bhughes@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HUGHES, SHARON Accelerated College Program 619-388-2397 shughes@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HUMMELL, RAYMOND Accounting rhummell@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HUNT, SOCORRO Mathematics 619-388-2662 shunt@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215T K-108B
HURST, BARBARA Anthropology shurst@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
HUTTON, LISA Fine Art lhutton@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HUYNH, CHRISTINA Mathematics chuynh@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
HYATT, JOEL Business joeltahoe@cox.net Faculty K-108B
IAMMARINO, DARREN Humanities diammari@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
IGLEHART, CIARA Exercise Science ciglehar@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
IMUS, HENRY Computer and Information Sciences himus@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ISRAEL, RON English 619-388-2314 risrael@sdccd.edu Faculty G-332 G-248
IWUABA, ONYEDIKA Facilities 619-388-2814 onyedikaiwuaba@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
JABASA, CAROL Nutrition cjabasa@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
JACKSON, ANDRE Facilities 619-388-2814 ajackson@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
JACOBO, MANNY Disability Support Programs and Services 619-388-2780 mjacobo@sdccd.edu Staff I4-405 I4-405
JAGHORI, TARINA Technology Services 619-388-2802 tjaghori@sdccd.edu Staff B-106-A B-103
JAGIELINSKI, HOLLY Health Information Mgmt. 619-388-2276 hjagieli@sdccd.edu Faculty S-313 S-324
JAMAL, ABEDIN English ajamal@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
JAMES, CATHY Communication Studies cjames@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
JAMES, ARTHUR Stockroom 619-388-2761 ajames@sdccd.edu Staff K-202 K-108B
JARJEES, THAMIRA Mathematics tjarjees@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
JAWORSKI, JAMES Technology Services 619-388-2499 jjaworski@sdccd.edu Staff Z-201 Z-212
JAYNE, INGRID English ijayne@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
JENSEN-ISMAY, FAITH Dance fjenseni@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
JOHNS, NICK College Police 619-388-2749 njohns@sdccd.edu Staff Q-100 Q-100
JOHNSEN, CARRIE Nutrition cjohnsen@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
JOHNSON, GEOFFREY Humanities gjohnson@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
JOHNSON, PAULA English pjohnson@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
JOHNSON, LEROY Counseling lejohnso@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
JOHNSON, NOEL Facilities 619-388-2814 nejohnso@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
JOHNSON, NICOLAS Student Accounting 619-388-2704 nijohnso@sdccd.edu Staff I4-106 I4-106
JOHNSTON, AMANDA Physical Therapy 619-388-2209 ajohnsto@sdccd.edu Faculty S-315 S-324
JOHNSTON, DAVID Real Estate djohnsto@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
JONES, LINDA Biology ljones@sdccd.ed Faculty K-108B
JOVANOVIC, BILJANA Animal Health Technology bjovanov@sdccd.edu Faculty P-300
JUDD, DAVID English djudd@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
JUDD, NICOLE Extended Opportunity Programs and Services 619-388-2706 njudd@sdccd.edu Staff I4-309 I4-309
JUN, KYUNG AE Technology Services 619-388-2517 kjun@sdccd.edu Staff A-111 A-109
KAKAVOULIS, FRANCEEN Geology fkakavou@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KALCHIK, JASON English jtkalchi@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KALCK, CHRISTOPHER Counseling ckalck@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
KALEKA, KATHLEEN Animal Health Technology kkaleka@sdccd.edu Faculty P-300
KALUZHSKI, SASHA English skaluzhs@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KANEKO, WENDY Psychology wkaneko@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
KANEVSKY, INNA Psychology 619-388-2329 ikanevsk@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HN SB-305H
KATAWAZI, ASLAM Facilities 619-388-2814 akatawaz@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
KAWAHARA, YOSHITO Psychology 619-388-2288 ykawahar@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HG SB-305H
KAY, EMILY Web Design ekay@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KAY, IAN Interior Design 619-388-2260 iankay@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-213 Z-212
KELLER, JAYNE Dramatic Arts jrkeller@sdccd.edu Faculty
KELLER, JEAN History jkeller@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
KESINGER, NANCEE English nkesinge@sdccd.edu Faculty G-344 G-248
KHALIL, WINIFRED Medical Assisting 619-388-2243 wkhalil@sdccd.edu Faculty S-318 S-324
KHAMBATA, SUZANNE Student Health Services 619-388-2774 skhambat@sdccd.edu Staff I4-211 I4-211
KHARRATI, GISUE Mathematics gkharrat@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KIDWELL, MICHAEL Communication Studies mkidwell@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KIM, GLORIA History gkim@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
KIMPTON-LORENCE, LAURIE English 619-388-2374 llorence@sdccd.edu Faculty G-318 G-248
KINCADE, ANNE Communication Studies 619-388-2215 akincade@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-116A G-248
KING, JAMES Technology Services 619-388-2498 jwking@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-4000 LRC-404
KING, SAHAR Counseling 619-388-2538 sking@sdccd.edu Staff I4-303 I4-303
KINNEY, CHRISTINE Physical Therapy ckinney@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
KINZEL, MICHELLE Geographic Information System mkinzel@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KLING, WENDELL Fine Art 619-388-5723 wkling@sdccd.edu Faculty G-206 G-248
KNIGHTON, KERRY Food Services 619-388-2560 kerryknighton@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
KNOTT-GALIPEAU, KATHLEEN Interior Design kgalipea@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
KOHEL, CHRISTOPHER Geology ckohel@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KOHLENBERG, TERRY Communication Studies 619-388-2279 tkohlenb@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-116F SB-116
KOLBUNICKY, MICHAEL Facilities 619-388-2814 mkolbuni@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
KOON, CAROL Computer and Information Sciences ckoon@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KOPPEL, WAYNE Facilities 619-388-2814 wkoppel@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
KOSONOY, BEATRIZ Spanish bkosonoy@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KOVACH, MARY Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 mkovach@sdccd.edu Staff LRC -134A
KOVACH, DAVE Food Services 619-388-2560 dkovach@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
KRACHT, BRENDA Mathematics bkracht@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KRAVATZ, TANYA Sociology 619-388-2358 tkravatz@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HL SB-305H
KREZOSKI, GILLIAN Geology gkrezosk@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KROWN, KEVIN Biology 619-388-2423 kkrown@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315O K-108B
KUEBITZ, HERMANN Biology 619-388-2822 hkuebitz@sdccd.edu Staff MS-306 K-108B
KUHN, BRIANNA English bkuhn@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KUKKAL, PANKAJ Computer and Information Sciences pkukkal@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
KUMAR, MEERA English 619-388-2312 mkumar@sdccd.edu Faculty G-343 G-248
KUNIYUKI, KEN Mathematics 619-388-2396 kkuniyuk@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215P K-108B
KUNKEE, LEANNE Printing and Mail Services 619-388-2764 lkunkee@sdccd.edu Staff K-203 K-203
KATUNGI, CANDACE Black Studies ckatungi@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
KWAYANA, TCHAIKO English twayana@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LA PUMA, RUSSELL Mathematics rlapuma@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LACHENMAYR, KIRSTEN Computer Business Technology klachenm@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LACHER, KIMBERLY English 619-388-5001 klacher@sdccd.edu Faculty G-350 G-248
LALICKER, SUSAN Health slalicke@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
LANCASTER, EMMETT Mathematics elancast@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LANGMAN, DEBORAH Radiological Technology dlangman@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
LANNEN, PAUL Mathematics plannen@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LAPERA, STEPHANIE Chemistry> slapera@sdccd.edu Faculty
LARA, MARIO Fine Art 619-388-2237 mlara@sdccd.edu Faculty G-245 G-248
LARIS, GEORGIA Fine Art 619-388-2209 glaris@sdccd.edu Faculty G-243 G-248
LARSON, TRINA Vice President of Student Services 619-388-2678 tlarson@sdccd.edu Staff I4-401 I4-401
LASKO, LYNN Business Office Support 619-388-2746 llasko@sdccd.edu Staff A-101 A-101
LAURI, ROBERT Biology rlauri@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LAURIA, DANIELLE Medical Assisting 619-388-2267 dlauria@sdccd.edu Faculty S-317 S-324
LE, DAISY Computer Business Technology dle@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LEE, REBECCA Student Health Services 619-388-2774 rlee@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-211 I4-211
LEE, SAM Mathematics shlee@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LEE, VERNON Accounting vslee@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LEE, JAERYOUNG Music 619-388-2218 jlee@sdccd.edu Faculty C-213 B-103
LEE, ONSOOK Food Services 619-388-2560 onlee@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
LEE, COURTNEY Student Affairs 619-388-2699 clee@sdccd.edu Staff I4-408 I4-408
LE, THUAN STAR/Trio 619-388-2481 tle@sdccd.edu Staff I4-308 I4-307
LEGAKIS, JAMES English jlegakis@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LENKE, JAIME English jlenke@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LEON, JEANNETTE Vice President Instruction Office 619-388-2801 jleon@sdccd.edu Staff SB-304 SB-305H
LERMA, MAYRA French mlerma@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
LESPERANCE, HENRY Chicano Studies hlespera@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LESSON, BRIAN Hospitality 619-388-2307 blesson@sdccd.edu Faculty G-304 G-248
LESTER, KIMBERLY Exercise Science 619-388-2275 klester@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
LEWIS, DANIEL Exercise Science dflewis@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
LEWIS, STARLA Black Studies 619-388-2753 slewis@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
LEWIS, MICHAEL Physical Science 619-388-2628 milewis@sdccd.edu Staff MS-108 K-108B
LEWIS-SANCHEZ, EMIKO Fine Art elsanche@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
LI, SHUAI Chemistry sli@sdccd.edu Staff K-108B
LIBOLT, RACHEL Fashion rmlibolt@yahoo.com Faculty B-103
LIEWEN, ANGELA Technology Services 619-388-2734 aliewen@sdccd.edu Staff B-106-F B-103
LIGORSKY, DEBRA English dligorsk@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LINCOLN, JUDY Accounting jlincoln@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LINDQUIST, HELENE Interior Design hlindqui@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
LINDSAY, ELIZABETH Facilities 619-388-2814 elindsay@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
LINGVALL, ROBERT Computer and Information Sciences rlingval@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LINSKY, MARK History mlinsky@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
LIRA, CARMEN Spanish clira@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LIZANO, ADRIAN Hospitality alizano@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LO, TONY Technology Services 619-388-2244 tlo@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-446 LRC-404
LOFTHOUSE, PETER Health 619-388-5808 plofthou@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
LOMBARDO, ALIXANDRIA English alombard@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LONG, SHARON Accounting 8107 slong@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LONGFELLOW, THOMAS Technology Services 619-388-2531 thlongfe@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-404
LOPEZ, CESAR Chicano Studies 619-388-2353 celopez@sdccd.edu Faculty G-103D G-248
LOPEZ, LETICIA Title III HSI STEM Acting Program Manager-SEEDS Program Co-Coordinator 619-388-2353 llopez@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-461 LOFT
LOPEZ, MICHAEL Exercise Science 619-388-7309 mwlopez@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
LOPEZ, JORGE Facilities 619-388-2814 jglopez@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
LOPEZ, MARCUS Facilities 619-388-2814 marcuslopez@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
LOWE, KAREN Interior Design klowe@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
LOWERISON, JEAN Learning Resource and Academic Support jloweris@sdccd.net Faculty LRC-134A
LUGO, JAMES Technology Services 619-388-2508 jlugo@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-229-B LRC-404
LUNA, CARL Accelerated College Program 619-388-2348 cluna@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
LUSTER, PAM President's Office 619-388-2721 pluster@sdccd.edu Administration A-104 A-104
LUU, BING Music bluu@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
LYNCH, SIDNEY Biology slynch@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MA, GINA Animal Health Technology gma@sdccd.edu Faculty P-300
MACHACEK, JAMES Fine Art jmachace@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
MACIEL, TARA Accounting tmaciel@sdccd.edu Faculty G-213 G-248
MAC ILVAINE, LORRI English pmack@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MACK, PERRY Learning Resource and Academic Support pmack@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
MACNEIL, ANDREW Learning Resource Center 619-388-2799 amacneil@sdccd.edu Administration LRC-444
HENSLEY, LINDA Humanities 619-388-2797 lhensley@sdccd.edu Administration G-201 G-248
MAGAÑA, MARICHU STAR/Trio mmagana@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-308 I4-307
MAGNUSON, GARY Mathematics cmagnuso@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MAGNUSSON, ROBERT Music rmagnuss@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
MALINIS, BRYAN Communication Studies 619-388-2281 bmalinis@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-116B SB-116
MAIROT, MARK History mmairot@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MAJOR, GLYNDA Food Services 619-388-2560 gmayor@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
MALDONADO, GILDA M. Financial Aid 619-388-2817 gmaldona@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
MANCKIA, JENNIFER Architecture jmanckia@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
MANCZUK, STEVE Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 smanczuk@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-444 LRC-404
MANG, JOANNA English jmang@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MAPES, NATALIE Architecture nmapes@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
MAR WOO, ALICIA Spanish amarwoo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MARCUS, SCOTT Philosophy smarcus@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MARISCAL, TRICIA College Police 619-388-2749 tmarisca@sdccd.edu Staff Q-100 Q-100
MARKALL, PETE Disability Support Programs and Services 619-388-2780 pmarkall@sdccd.edu Staff I4-405 I4-405
MARKOWITZ, KAREN Psychology kmarkowi@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MAROVICH, LESLIE Biology lmarovic@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315A K-108B
MARQUEZ, FRANCISCO Mathematics 619-388-2380 fmarquez@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215M K-108B
MARRUJO, GUILLERMO Counseling 619-388-2420 gmarrujo@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-301G I4-303
MARSHALL, KRYSTLE English knmarsha@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MARTIN, CHRISTINE ANNE Anthropology camartin@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MATHIS, LAURA Counseling lmathis@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
MATTHEWS, NICOLE Hospitality nmatthew@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MATTHEWS, RICHARD Biology rmatthew@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MATTHEWS LEOS, PAULA Italian pmatthew@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
MAXEY, LARRY Student Success and Equity 619-388-5940 lmaxey@sdccd.edu Administration I4-401 I4-401
MAYASA, THEKIMA Black Studies 619-388-2352 tmayasa@sdccd.edu Faculty G-103A G-248
MAYER, HUMERA Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 hmayer@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-106 LRC -134A
MBENGUE, BOCAR Mathematics bmbengue@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MCANALLY, IKUKO Proyecto Éxito – Title V / HSI Grant 619-388-5974 imcanall@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-440 LRC-453
MCCALL, PETER Exercise Science pmccall@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
MCCARTNEY, SCOTT Physical Science smccartn@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MCCLELLAND, DAWN Counseling 619-388-2538 dmcclell@sdccd.edu Staff I4-303 I4-303
MCCURDY, MICHELLE Student Health Services 619-388-2764 mmccurdy@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-211 I4-211
MCDONALD, JERMAINE Exercise Science jmcdonal@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
MCGINLEY, SEANA Sociology smcginle@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MCGRATH, TIM Vice President of Instruction 619-388-2755 tmcgrath@sdccd.edu Administration A-103 A-104
MCGREVY, DAVID Psychology dmcgrevy@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MCLAREN, MICHAEL Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 mmclaren@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-125 LRC -134A
MCLEOD, NANTAWAN Humanities nmcleod@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MCLEOD, JONATHAN History jmcleod@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MECKSTROTH, PHYLLIS Mathematics 619-388-2386 pmeckstr@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215H K-108B
MEDINA, LINDA Interior Design lmedina@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
MEDINA, BIBI Bookstore 619-388-2854 bmedina@sdccd.edu Staff H-105 H-105
MEDRANO, ARCHIE Mathematics amedrano@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MENDOZA, JOSE Spanish jluismen@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MENDOZA, SYLVIA Journalism smendoza@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MENDOZA, PATRICIA Exercise Science 619-388-2431 tmendoza@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101I L-101
MERRITT, ANTHONY Black Studies amerritt@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MEYER, PATRICIA Business pmeyer@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MIANO, DAVID History dmiano@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MIDDLETON, JON Mathematics jmiddlet@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MILLER, BEVERLY Real Estate bmiller@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MILLER, ROBERT History rdmiller@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MILLER, RON English rmiller@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MILLER, VICTORIA Student Affairs vmiller@sdccd.edu Administration
MILLIGAN, LAURA Student Health Services 619-388-2774 lmilliga@sdccd.edu Nurse Practitioner I4-211
MILNER, LYNETTE Sociology 619-388-2547 lmilner@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MILNER, DEVIN Learning Resource and Academic Support dmilner@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
MILNER, ALANNA Institutional Effectiveness 619-388-2459 amilner@sdccd.edu Staff A-109 A-109
MILROY, DAVID French mmoharir@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MITCHELL, ROGER Computer and Information Sciences rvmitche@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MITCHELL, JOHN CRAIG Facilities 619-388-2814 jomitche@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
MITCHELL, WAYNE Exercise Science 619-388-2737 wmitchel@sdccd.edu Staff L-112 L-101
MIYOSHI, DINA Psychology 619-388-2289 dmiyoshi@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HF SB-305H
MOCTEZUMA, ALESSANDRA Fine Art 619-388-2231 amoctezu@sdccd.edu Faculty G-240 G-248
MOHARIR, MEDHA English mmoharir@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
MOHSSENZADEH, MORTEZA Engineering 619-388-5822 mmohssen@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-115A K-108B
MOKILI, JOHN Biology jmokili@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MONA, CLAUDE Physics 619-388-5823 cmona@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-115M K-108B
MONGELLUZZO, RYAN Anthropology 619-388-5930 rmongell@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HM SB-305H
MONTESA, ARELENE Facilities 619-388-2814 amontesa@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
MONTESA, GLENDA Facilities 619-388-2814 gmontesa@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
MONTESA, NORALOU Facilities 619-388-2814 nmontesa@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
MONTGOMERY, PETRA STAR/Trio 619-388-2600 pmontgom@sdccd.edu Staff I4-308 I4-307
MONTISANO, DOMINIC Biology dmontisa@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MOONS, WESLEY Psychology wmoons@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
MOORE, DANICA Chemistry dcmoore@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MOORE, EMILY English as a Second Language emoore@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MORAN, ANGELA Dance amoran@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
MORENO-IKARI, JILL English, Department Chair 619-388-2345 jmorenoi@sdccd.edu Faculty G-301 G-248
MORRISON, WILLIAM Business wmorriso@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MORROW, CARRIE English cmorrow@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MORSHED, TAHMINA Real Estate tmorshed@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MOSHIRI, LADAN Computer Business Technology lmoshiri@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MOSS, DEBRA Mathematics dmmoss@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MOTALEB, PEGAH English 619-388-5926 pmotaleb@sdccd.edu Faculty G-331 G-248
MURRAY, TABITHA Mathematics tmurray@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
MUZQUIZ-GUERREIRO, DARLENE Spanish dmuzquiz@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
NABALARUA, FEEKEE Facilities 619-388-2814 fnabalar@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
NAMBIAR, ROOPA Biology rnambiar@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
NAPOLES, ALEX Technology Services 619-388-2511 anapoles@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-462 LRC-404
NARAYANAN, SUSHEELA Child Development 619-388-2447 snarayan@sdccd.edu Faculty G-330 S-324
NASCA, SHANNON College Police 619-388-2749 snasca@sdccd.edu Staff Q-100 Q-100
NASCHAK, BRUCE Humanities 619-388-2309 bnaschak@sdccd.edu Faculty G-314 G-248
NATHAN, CAROLYN Communication Studies cnathan@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
NATHAN, GEOFFREY History gnathan@sdccd.edu Faculty
NATIONS, HADASSAH Extended Opportunity Programs and Services hnations@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-309
NAUNGAYAN, LISA Extended Opportunity Programs and Services 619-388-2706 lnaungay@sdccd.edu Staff I4-309 I4-309
NEAMTOLLAHI, GITY Transfer Center 619-388-2473 gnematol@sdccd.edu Staff I4-306 I4-306
NESBIT, VALRI Accelerated College Program vnesbit@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
NEVAREZ, JOSE Mathematics jnevarez@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
NEWSOME, JOSEPH Biology jnewsome@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
NEZAM ABADI, SOODEH Nutrition snezamab@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
NGHIEM, CAM Biology cnghiem@sdccd.edu Staff K-108B
NGUYEN, PAUL Bookstore 619-388-2854 panguyen@sdccd.edu Staff H-107 H-105
NICHOLS, TRAVIS Health tnichols@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
NICHOLS II, RICHARD English as a Second Language rnichols@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
NINBERG, JEFFERY Biology jninberg@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
NINO, RANDALL Psychology rnino@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
NORRIS, MICHAEL Facilities 619-388-2814 mnorris@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
OCAMPO, MARIA Spanish mocampo@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
O'DONNELL, MEGEN English modonnel@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
OLGUIN, RUBEN Facilities 619-388-2814 rubenolguin@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
OLSON, LISA Learning Resource and Academic Support lolson@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
O'MARA IV, WILLIAM History womara@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
ONTELL, VALERIE Learning Resource and Academic Support vontell@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
ORDAZ, JESSICA Chicano Studies jordaz@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ORNELAS, CORY Computer and Information Sciences cornelas@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ORNELAS, MICHAEL Chicano Studies mornelas@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ORNELAS, URIEL French 619-388-2357 uornelas@sdccd.edu Faculty G-217 G-248
ORONA, CELIA English as a Second Language 619-388-2326 corona@sdccd.edu Faculty G-346 G-248
ORTEGA, VANESSA Food Services 619-388-2560 vanessaortega@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
ORTEGA, JUAN Administrative Services 619-388-2480 jortega@sdccd.edu Staff G-351 G-248
ORTIZ-HOYER, KATHARINE Communication Studies keortiz@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
OSBORNE, JENNIFER Exercise Science 619-388-2737 josborne@sdccd.edu Staff L-121 L-101
PACHECO, MIRIAM Counseling mvpachec@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
PACHECO, STEPHEN Philosophy spacheco@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
PADILLA, HANNAH Spanish 619-388-5722 hpadilla@sdccd.edu Faculty G-236 G-248
PALESTINI, CATERINA Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2799 cpalesti@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-112 LRC -134A
PALIGUTAN, PROCESO History ppaligut@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
PALOMA, CYNTHIA Web Design cpaloma@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PALOMARES, PAUL Technology Services 619-388-2891 ppalomar@sdccd.edu Staff B-106D B-103
PAMINTUAN, KHRYSTYN Personal Growth kpamintu@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
PANDEY, JOYSHREE Student Health Services 619-388-2774 jpandey@sdccd.edu Staff I4-211 I4-211
PANTOJA, GREGORY Chicano Studies gpantoja@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PAPPAS, CHRISTOPHER Basic Skills cpappas@sdccd.edu
PARILLO, DAVIID Computer and Information Sciences dparillo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PARIS, REX Physics rex.paris@gcccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PARKER, ANN Interior Design aparker@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
PARKER, LANCE Chemistry lparker@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PARKER, LINDSAY History laparker@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
PARKER, JULIETTE Articulation 619-388-2639 jparker@sdccd.edu Faculty J-107 K-108B
PARKER, KARI Counseling kparker@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
PARSONS, MICHELLE Mathematics 619-388-2394 mparsons@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215N K-108B
PARVINI, SHAHROKH Mathematics 619-388-2395 sparvini@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215R K-108B
PASSARO, JOSEPH History jpassaro@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
PATRICIO, GRACE Medical Assisting gpatrici@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PAUL, AMY Fine Art apaul@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
PEDERSEN, CHRIS Computer Business Technology cpederse@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PEER, GREGORY Communication Studies ggpeer@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PELKIE, TERESA Web Design tpelkie@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PELLERIN, VERN Technology Services 619-388-2531 vpelleri@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-4000 LRC-404
PENROD, TRACY Medical Assisting tpenrod@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PERIGO, KIMBERLY Communication Studies 619-388-5721 kperigo@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-116B SB-116
PERRY, ROBIN Student Health Services 619-388-2774 rperry@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-211 I4-211
PETERS, RICHARD English rpeters@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
PETERS, WILLIAM Mathematics 619-388-2977 wpeters@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215A K-108B
PETERSON, HARRIES Political Science ppeterso@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
PETRISKO, MAYUMI Nutrition mpetrisk@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
PETTINA, TONY Philosophy tpettina@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
PHAM, LINHDUNG Physics lcpham@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PHELAN, NELSON Chemistry nphelan@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PHELPS, JASON English tphelps@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
PHELPS, JENNIFER Counseling 619-388-2538 jphelps@sdccd.edu Staff I4-303 I4-303
PHIMVICHHAY, NEAM Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 nphimvic@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-124 LRC -134A
PIANTA, PIANTA English as a Second Language 619-388-2311 pianta@sdccd.edu Faculty G-308 G-248
PICKFORD, ROBERT English rpickford@sdccd.edu Faculty G-311 G-248
PILIPETS, OLGA Mathematics opilipet@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PINCKNEY, MARC Exercise Science tennislife24@gmail.com Faculty L-101
PISACANO, COLETTE Exercise Science cpisacan@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
PLAGGE, ANITA Biology aplagge@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PLANDOR, BARBARA Counseling 619-388-2779 bplandor@sdccd.edu Staff I4-303 I4-303
PLATTS, LAKEITA Admissions 619-388-2682 lplatts@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
POGUE-CELY, KIRSTEN Counseling kcely@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
POLAK, JOHN Drama jpolak@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
PONTI, CARLA Music cponti@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
PORTO Y TABOADA, CONSUELO Student Accounting 619-388-2704 ctaboada@sdccd.edu Staff I4-106 I4-106
POULIN, TIM Music tpoulin@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
POWELL, EMMANOIUL Financial Aid 619-388-2817 epowell@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
PRANIEWICZ, BRENDAN English bpraniew@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
PRECIADO-BAYARDO, DEYANIRA Admissions 619-388-2682 dpreciad@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
PRIMOZA, ALISON Spanish 619-388-2351 aprimoza@sdccd.edu Faculty G-239 G-248
PRINCIPATO, GIANNA Printing and Mail Services 619-388-2764 gprincip@sdccd.edu Staff K-203 K-203
PRITCHETT II, JOSEPH Disability Support Programs and Services jpritche@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-405 I4-405
PROFFITT, DAVID Exercise Science dproffit@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
PROVENZANO, TONY Facilities 619-388-2814 tprovenz@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
PRUM, THALIA Nutrition tprum@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
PULIDO , ANABEL Office of Communications 619-388-2356 apulido@sdccd.edu Staff A-110 A-109
PURDIE, BRUNETTE Admissions 619-388-2682 bpurdie@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
QUINN, CAROLE Accounting cquinn@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
QUINTANILLA, DEBBIE Facilities 619-388-2814 dquintan@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
QUMSIYA, JOHN Mathematics dqumsiya@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
RABOR, LETICIA Computer Business Technology lrabor@sdccd.edu Faculty
RAFIE, MARJAN Physics mrafie@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
RAMIREZ, JACQUELINE Fine Art jcramire@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
RAMSTRUM, MOMILANI Music 619-388-2220 mramstru@sdccd.edu Faculty C-215 B-103
RANCE, MARGARET Anthropology mrance@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
RAPP, MICHAEL Communication Studies mrapp@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
RATELLE, CARL Music dratelle@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
RATTNER, MARIETTE Business 619-388-2248 mrattner@sdccd.edu Faculty G-227 G-248
RAY, WAVERLY Geography 619-388-2408 wray@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-110C SB-305H
RECALDE, TINA School of Health Sciences and Public Service 619-388-2789 trecalde@sdccd.edu Administration S-300 S-324
RECTOR, ROBERT Geology rrector@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
REDONDO, JOSIE Food Services 619-388-2560 jredondo@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
REDULLA, DESIREE Disability Support Programs and Services 619-388-2780 dredulla@sdccd.edu Staff I4-405 I4-405
REEDY, MICHAEL Mathematics mreedy@sandiego.edu Faculty K-108B
REITH, JEANNE Fashion jreith@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
REMPEL, BRIANA Interior Design brempel@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
RENDA, CONNIE Health Information Technology 619-388-2606 crenda@sdccd.edu Faculty S-308 S-324
RENDA, CHRIS Arts and Languages 619-388-2362 clrenda@sdccd.edu Staff C-126 G-248
RESCH, NATHAN Health 619-388-2429 nresch@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
REUSS, ANTHONY Counseling areuss@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
REYES, HERMINIA Philosophy hreyes@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
REYES, JESSE Stockroom 619-388-2761 jreyes@sdccd.edu Staff K-202 K-108B
RICO, CYNTHIA Counseling 619-388-2471 crico@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-301
RINEAR, ROSEANN Child Development rrinear@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
RIOLO, JEFFERY Business jriolo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
RION, CHARLES Computer and Information Sciences crion@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ROBERTSON, CHARLOTTA Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 croberts@sdccd.edu Staff LRC -134A
ROBERTS-PETERSEN, ANDREA Child Development Center 619-388-2812 aroberts@sdccd.edu Staff R-100 R-100
ROBINSON, N. SCOTT Music 619-388-5956 nsrobins@sdccd.edu Faculty C-210G B-103
ROBSON, PETER Culinary Arts Management probson@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
RODRIGUEZ, MICHELLE Political Science 619-388-2716 mrodrigu@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-311K SB-305H
RODRIGUEZ, RAUL Counseling rrodrigu@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
RODRIGUEZ, MARTHA Facilities 619-388-2814 merodrig@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
RODRIGUEZ, LAURA Veterans and Records 619-388-2805 lrodrigu@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
RODRIGUEZ, LILIBETH Admissions 619-388-2682 lirodrig@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
ROGERS, DENISE Fine Art 619-388-2371 derogers@sdccd.edu Faculty G-247 G-248
ROMEO, JAMES Music 619-388-2217 jromeo@sdccd.edu Faculty C-211 B-103
ROMERO, MONICA Career and Technical Education 619-388-2781 mdromero@sdccd.edu J-108 K-108B
RONKE, ASTRID Germany aronke@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ROSAS, IVAN Facilities 619-388-2814 irosas@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
ROSENSTAND, NINA Philosophy 619-388-2407 nrosenst@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-311P SB-305H
ROSS, ANDREA Exercise Science rross@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
ROSS, LAUREN Fine Art lross@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ROSS, MARY Communication Studies mross@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ROSSITER, JONATHAN Geography jrossite@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
ROSTOKER, STEPHEN Mathematics srostoke@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
RUCKLE, ELIZABETH Facilities 619-388-2814 eruckle@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
RUDBERG, NEAL Psychology nrudberg@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
RUSSELL, RACHEL Geographic Information System 619-388-2402 rrussell@sdccd.edu Faculty G-323 G-248
RYAN, WHITNEY Physics wryan@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SABA, FURAHAA Communication Studies fsaba@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SABALLETT JR, ALFONSO Multimedia 619-388-2270 asaballe@sdccd.edu Faculty G-224 G-248
BURRELL, SADE SSSP/Counseling-Advising sburrell@sdccd.edu Faculty
SADEGHIPOUR, FARID Mathematics fsadeghi@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SADJADI, SINA Astronomy ssadjadi@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SAETIA, SUE Articulation 619-388-2639 ssaetia@sdccd.edu Staff J-107 K-108B
SAFAEE, SHIRIN Biology ssafaee@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SAFDIE, JOE English jsafdie@sdccd.edu Faculty G-342 G-248
SAFDIE, SARA English ssafdie@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
SAHEBJAMEI, SIBEL Veterans and Records 619-388-2805 ssahebja@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
SAIDANE, SALOUA Chemistry 619-388-5821 ssaidane@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-415D K-108B
SAID, SOMIA Biology 619-388-2651 ssaid@sdccd.edu Staff MS-310 K-108B
SALAMI, BAHMAN Chemistry basalami@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SALAS, LAN KIM Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 ksalas@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-109 LRC -134A
SALAZAR, KATHERINE English noreply@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SALEHPOOR, ZAHRA Mathematics zsalehpo@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SALERNI, KAREN English as a Second Language ksalerni@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SALGADO, ELIA Spanish ebsalgado@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SAMANO, JULISSA Financial Aid 619-388-2817 jsamano@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
SAMMONS, JEFFERY Radiological Technology jsammons@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
SAMPAGA, CAROL Academic Skills Center 619-388-2898 csampaga@sdccd.edu Staff I4-203 I4-203
SAMSON, VICKI English vsamson@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SAN FILIPPO, RUTH Arts and Languages 619--388-2873 rsanfili@sdccd.edu Staff G-202 G-248
SANCHEZ, STEVEN Exercise Science ssanchez@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
SANCHEZ, MICHAEL Health 619-388-2614 msanchez@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
SANCHEZ, ROBERT Fine Art 619-388-2344 rjsanche@sdccd.edu Faculty G-246 G-248
SANCHEZ-BERNARDY, VIRGINIA Spanish 619-388-2359 vbernard@sdccd.edu Faculty G-220 G-248
SANDOVAL, ROCIO Printing and Mail Services 619-388-2764 rosandov@sdccd.edu Staff K-203 K-203
SANDVICK, RONALD Mathematics 619-388-2389 rsandvic@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215B K-108B
SANTANA-PHILLIPS, ANNA Fashion asantana@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
SANTIAGO, SABRINA Sociology ssantiag@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
SARVER, REBECAH Communication Studies rsarver@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SAWYER, CHERI Admissions 619-388-2682 csawyer@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
SCHERER, STEPHEN Psychology sscherer@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
SCHMUCK, ADOLF English aschmuck@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SCHOENBRUN-FERNANDEZ, DORA Spanish 619-388-2228 dschoenb@sdccd.edu Faculty G-237 G-248
SCHOLES, ERIN Hospitality escholes@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SCHOUGAARD, ALLAN Computer and Information Sciences aschouga@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SCHULTZ, LAURA Animal Health Technology lschultz@sdccd.edu Faculty P-300
SCHULTZ, ZOD Student Accounting 619-388-2704 zschultz@sdccd.edu Staff I4-106 I4-106
SCOTT, WENDY English wscott@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SCRIBNER, TEDDY Medical Assisting tscribne@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SCULLY, KATHLEEN Biology kscully@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SEARLE, MATTHEW Physics msearle@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SEGOVIA, MARIANA Spanish msegovia@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SEGURA, DAWN Business dsegura@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SEIGER, LESLIE Biology 619-388-2425 lseiger@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315P K-108B
SELDIN, FREDRIC Psychology fseldin@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
SEXTON, BARBARA Fine Art 619-388-2330 bsexton@sdccd.edu Faculty G-241 G-248
SEYMOUR, WALTER Accounting wseymour@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SFAKIANAKIS, GEORGE Computer and Information Sciences gsfakian@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SHAPIRO, LISA Business 619-388-5955 lshapiro@sdccd.edu Faculty G-228 G-248
SHARP, STEVEN Computer and Information Sciences ssharp@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SHAY, BRIAN Mathematics bshay@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SHAW, DENISE dshaw@sdccd.edu
SHEPPARD, MALCOLM Facilities 619-388-2814 msheppard@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
SHERRARD, SIMONE Exercise Science 619-388-2737 ssherrar@sdccd.edu Staff L-101L L-101
SHI, XIAOGUANG Chinese 619-388-2369 sshi@sdccd.edu Faculty G-229 G-248
SHIMAZAKI, LESLIE Arts and Languages 619--388-2873 lshimaza@sdccd.edu Administration G-202 G-248
SHIPKOWSKI, COLLEEN Dance colleen.shipkowski@gcccd.edu Faculty L-101
SHIPOWICK, RORY Mathematics rshipowi@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SHIRK, JOHN Exercise Science jshirk@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
SHUMATE, KATHLEEN English kshumate@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SIEGEL, STEVEN Physics 619-388-2629 ssiegel@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-115I K-108B
SIKDER, SHAHIR Mathematics ssikder@sdccd.edu Faculty
SIME, JENNIFER Anthropology 619-388-5906 jsime@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HE SB-305H
SLIFKA, DAVID Communication Studies dslifka@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SMILEY, JORDYN Drama/Fashion jsmiley@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
SMITH, JAMES Accelerated College Program jtsmith@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
SMITH, RONALD English rjsmith@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SMITH, WENDY English 619-388-2347 wsmith@sdccd.edu Faculty G-333 G-248
SMITH, SARA Bookstore 619-388-2854 ssmith@sdccd.edu Staff H-105 H-105
SMITH, AVA Facilities 619-388-2814 alsmith@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
SMULEVITZ, CARA Fine Art 619-388-2322 csmulevitz@sdccd.edu Faculty G-205
SNELLMAN, ROBERT Mathematics rsnellma@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SNYDER, JENNIFER Physics jlsnyder@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SOECHTIG, REBECCA Interior Design rsoechti@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
SONG, XIAOCHUAN Economics 619-388-2278 xsong@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
SPANGLER, STEVEN Business sspangle@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
SPIKE, ANANDA Philosophy aspike@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
SPOON, KELLY Mathematics kspoon@sdccd.edu Faculty 215L K-108B
SPRINGS, CATHY Financial Aid 619-388-2817 csprings@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
SQUILLARO, DIANE Mathematics dsquilla@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
STALLWORTH, VANESSA Facilities 619-388-2814 vstallwo@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
STANG, PETER Geology pstang@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
STANLEY, CHRISTOPHER Facilities 619-388-2814 cstanley@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
STANTON, JOHN Learning Resource and Academic Support jstanton@sdccd.edu Faculty LRC-134A
STARBUCK, SCOTT English 619-388-2364 sstarbuc@sdccd.edu Faculty G-303 G-248
STEFFEN, MICHAEL Multimedia mrsteffe@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
STEGER, VIVIEN Chemistry vsteger@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
STEIDEL, LEE Real Estate lsteidel@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
STEINMETZ, HARRY Communication Studies hsteinme@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
STENOVEC, LINDSAY Nutrition lstenove@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
STERLING, DEON Facilities 619-388-2814 dsterlin@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
STERN, NEIL Biology nstern@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
STEWART, ROCHELLE Food Services 619-388-2560 rstewart@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
STILLER-SHULMAN, ALEX Computer and Information Sciences astiller@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
STITT, SEAN Medical Assisting sstitt@sdccd.edu Faculty
STOJIMIROVIC, IRENA Astronomy 619-388-5885 istojimi@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
STOLL, DAWN Disability Support Programs and Services dstoll@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-405 I4-405
STITT, SEAN Medical Assisting sstitt@sdccd.edu
STRONA, CARL Architecture cstrona@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-204 Z-212
STYLES, LESLIE SALINE American Sign Language lstyles@sdccd.edu Faculty G-328 G-248
SUI, XIAO Music xsui@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
SULLIVAN, CHRIS English 619-388-2310 csulliva@sdccd.edu Faculty G-336 G-248
SUNDAYO, JUDY Counseling jsundayo@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
SUSEOEFF, NATOSHKA Financial Aid 619-388-2817 nsusoeff@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
SVEDBERG, ARLIS Vice President of Instruction 619-388-2931 asvedber@sdccd.edu Staff J-107 K-108B
SVOBODA, GEORGE Music 619-388-2216 gsvoboda@sdccd.edu Faculty C-212 B-103
SYKES, PAUL Biology 619-388-2616 psykes@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-315U K-108B
SZITTA, JACKIE Extended Opportunity Programs and Services 619-388-2706 jsszitta@sdccd.edu Staff I4-309 I4-309
SZYNDLAR, JERZY Exercise Science 619-388-2444 jszyndla@sdccd.edu Faculty L-114C L-101
TALO, NATHAN Student Accounting 619-388-2704 ntalo@sdccd.edu Staff I4-106 I4-106
TANIGUCHI, DAVID Web Design dtaniguc@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
TAYLOR, GREGG Facilities 619-388-2814 greggtaylor@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
TAYLOR, JOSHUA Counseling 619-388-2718 jtaylor@sdccd.edu Staff I4-303 I4-303
TEEGARDEN, TOM Mathematics toteegar@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215E K-108B
TEEGARDEN, MARY Mathematics 619-388-2399 tteegard@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215E K-108B
TEMPLE, MICHAEL Counseling mtemple@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
TERRELL, BRANDON Vice President of Instruction 619-388-2755 bterrell@sdccd.edu Staff A-103 A-104
TERRILL, STEVEN Chicano Studies sterrill@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
THAYER, EMMELYN Drama ethayer@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
THIYAGARAJAH, AAROORAN Chemistry athiyaga@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
THOMAS, DEBORAH Hospitality dthomas@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
THOMPSON, TYLER English tthompso@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
TIFFANY, BRIDGET Biology btiffany@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
TO, BAO Technology Services 619-388-2982 bto@sdccd.edu Staff B-106B B-103
TOPHAM, SUSAN Student Development 619-388-2896 stopham@sdccd.edu Administration I4-401 I4-401
TORDELLA, IAN Music itordell@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
TORIBIO, IVAN Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 itoribio@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-100 LRC -134A
TORRES, GIL College Police 619-388-2749 gtorres@sdccd.edu Administration Q-100 Q-100
TORRES, OSCAR SSBS 619-388-2292 otorres002@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305K SB-305H
TOSTE, MARY Learning Resource and Academic Support 619-388-2695 mtoste@sdccd.edu Staff LRC -134A
TOSTE, MARY I. Mathematics and Natural Sciences 619-388-2795 mitoste@sdccd.edu Staff MS-301E K-108B
TOTH, JUAN Multimedia 619-388-2238 jtoth@sdccd.edu Faculty G-214 G-248
TOTO, JOSEPH Chemistry 619-388-2238 jtoto@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-415M K-108B
TRAN, NGO Computer and Information Sciences nttran@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
TRAN, NGOC Mathematics 619-388-2392 ntran@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215C K-108B
TRAN, NHON Technology Services 619-388-2602 nhtran@sdccd.edu Staff B-106C B-103
TRAPP, AARON Food Services 619-388-2560 atrapp@sdccd.edu Staff H-100 H-105
TREMBLEY, MARK Geography mtremble@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-311F SB-305H
TRINH, VIET Computer and Information Sciences vtrinh@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
TRUNEH, YOHANNES Mathematics 619-388-2388 ytruneh@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-215S K-108B
TUCKER, MICHELLE English mtucker@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
TUTTLE, SANDIA English 619-388-2247 stuttle@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
TUTTLE, TRACY Accounting ttuttle@sdccd.edu Faculty G-222 G-248
ULRICH-SCHLUMBOHM, GWENDOLLYN History gulrichs@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
UNDERHILL, BRUCE Mathematics bunderhi@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
VALASEK, CHAD Sociology cvalasek@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
VALDOS, YANINA M Anthropology yvaldos@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
VAN KIRK, JAYE Psychology 619-388-2290 jvankirk@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305HJ SB-305H
VANG, PAHUA Admissions 619-388-2682 pvang@sdccd.edu Staff I4-102 I4-102
VELA, PABLO Printing and Mail Services 619-388-2855 pvela@sdccd.edu Staff K-203 K-203
VELADO, MAX Mathematics mvelado@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
VELEZ, MANUEL English 619-388-2375 mvelez@sdccd.edu Faculty G-103C G-248
VERASTEGUI, SASHA Extended Opportunity Programs and Services sveraste@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-309
VEZZOLA, MARK History mvezzola@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
VIDRIO, CARLOTA Humanities 619-388-2797 cvidrio@sdccd.edu Staff G-201 G-248
VIENNA, OLGA English as a Second Language ovienna@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
VILLALOBOS, JORGE G jvillalo Faculty G-349 G-248
VILLALTA, IAN Psychology ivillalt@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
VINEBERG, EVELYN English evineber@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
VISTE, EVANGELINE Student Health Services 619-388-2774 eviste@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-211 I4-211
VISWANATHAN, USHA English uviswana@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
VITAL, RAYMOND Facilities 619-388-2814 rvital@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
VOLODARSKAYA, NATALIYA Biology 619-388-2844 nvolodar@sdccd.edu Staff MS-305 K-108B
VOTH, MIRIAM English mvoth@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WAAYERS, ROBYN Biology rwaayers@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WADE, LAUREN Accounting 619-388-5954 lwade@sdccd.edu Faculty G-223 G-248
WAIT, KAREN Dental Assisting kwait@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
WAKELY, CINDY Bookstore 619-388-2854 cwakely@sdccd.edu Staff H-105 H-105
WALES, JIM Personal Growth 619-388-2532 jwales@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
WALES, CARLOS Technology Services 619-388-2656 cwales@sdccd.edu Staff LRC-439 LRC-404
WALKER, ELLA Child Development ewalker@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
WALKER, ROSANNA English rwalker@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WALKER, TRACEY English as a Second Language 619-388-2313 twalker@sdccd.edu Faculty G-337 G-248
WALLACE, CHARLES H Anthropology cwallace@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
WANG, OIAN Chinese qwang@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WARCZAKOWSKI, DAVE Facilities 619-388-2814 dwarczak@sdccd.edu Staff J-108A K-108B
WASCHER, SANDRA Fine Art swascher@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
WEAVER, BEN Counseling bweaver@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-303
WEBB, PATRICIA Health pwebb@sdccd.edu Faculty L-101
WEINRICH, JAMES Psychology jweinric@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
WESLEY, WALTER Computer and Information Sciences 619-388-2234 wwesley@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-115B K-108B
WEST, CLAYTON Fine Art cwest@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WEST, GEOFFREY History gwest@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
WHITE, TODD Biology twhite@sdccd.edu Faculty
WHITFIELD, TONYA Culinary Arts Management 619-388-5889 twhitfie@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WHITMAN, RONNI Interior Design 619-388-2254 rwhitman@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-212
WICHMANN, NANCY Bookstore 619-388-2854 nwichman@sdccd.edu Administration H-105 H-105
WILDER, GLORIA Health Sciences and Public Service 619-388-2789 gwilder@sdccd.edu Staff S-300 S-324
WILLIAMS, JASON English jbwillia@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
WILLIAMS, KAREN Computer Business Technology 619-388-2236 kschneit@sdccd.edu Faculty G-324 G-248
WILLIAMS, LISA Exercise Science 619-388-2442 lwilliam@sdccd.edu Faculty L-114A L-101
WILLIAMS, MELISSA Disability Support Programs and Services mwilliam@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-405 I4-405
WILLIS, JARRYD Psychology jawillis@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
WILSON, HEIDI Health hswilson@live.com Faculty L-101
WING, SUSAN English swing@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WINNINGER, JAMES Accounting jwinning@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WINSLOW, ALLISON Communication Studies awinslow@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WINSTON, AKUNNA Business awinston@sdccd.edu Faculty G-340 G-248
WIRIG, KIMBERLEE Communication Studies kwirig@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
WISHON, MARK History mwishon@sdccd.edu Faculty SB-305H
WITT, JAMES Music jawitt@sdccd.edu Faculty B-103
WONG, CALVIN Student Health Services 619-388-2774 noreply@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-211 I4-211
WONG, ROBERT Architecture 619-388-2263 rowong@sdccd.edu Faculty Z-215 Z-212
WOODARD, JOHN Geographic Information System jwoodard@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
WOODS, APRIL Real Estate awoods@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
WOOLRICH, BETSY College Police 619-388-2749 bwoolric@sdccd.edu Staff Q-100 Q-100
WOOLSEY, BRIAN Extended Opportunity Programs and Services bwoolsey@sdccd.edu Faculty I4-309 I4-309
YASUKOCHI, ANN Business Office Support 619-388-2746 ayasukoc@sdccd.edu Staff A-101 A-101
YBARRONDO, ANANDA Biology bybarron@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
YE, GEORGE Drama 619-388-5920 gye@sdccd.edu Faculty G-207 G-248
YOUNG, BARBARA Financial Aid 619-388-2817 byoung@sdccd.edu Staff I4-107 I4-107
YOUNKER, LEAH Fine Art lyounker@sdccd.edu Faculty G-248
ZABALETA, FRANCISCO Spanish 619-388-2585 fzabalet@sdccd.edu Faculty G-224 G-248
ZABAT, VIRGELIO Facilities 619-388-2814 vzabat@sdccd.edu Staff J-108 K-108B
ZAGYANSKIY, MILA Vice President of Instruction 619-388-2755 mzagyans@sdccd.edu Staff A-103 A-104
ZAND, FARSHID Chemistry 619-388-2784 fzand@sdccd.edu Faculty MS-415N K-108B
ZAPPIA, CHARLES Social/ Behavioral Sciences and Multicultural Studies 619-388-2801 czappia@sdccd.edu Administration SB-304B SB-305H
ZELEDON, MARIA Communication Studies mzeledon@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ZIMMERMAN, CLARE English cezimmer@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL English mjzimmer@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ZISOULIS, DIMITRIOS Biology dzisouli@sdccd.edu Faculty K-108B
ZOBELL, BONNIE English 619-388-2321 bzobell@sdccd.edu Faculty G-315 G-248
ZOLEZZI, KATHERINE Child Development kzolezzi@sdccd.edu Faculty S-324
BARQUILLA, ANTONIO Biology abarquilla@sdccd.edu Faculty
FORREST, MATTHEW Biology mforrest@sdccd.edu Faculty
SHUFFORD, KEVIN Communication Studies kshufford@sdccd.edu Faculty
YOURG, THOMAS Mesa Bookstore ktyourg@sdccd.edu
MAPP, LAUREN J. Communications Office lmapp@sdccd.edu
LUJANO, RUDY Mesa Food Service rlujano@sdccd.edu
MORALES, PAULO Bridges to the Baccalaureate pmorales@sdccd.edu
BRIGGS, SHANE Mathematics sbriggs@sdccd.edu
DICKINSON, KELLI Child Development kdickinson@sdccd.edu
DE HOYOS, ANTHONY General Athletics adehoyos@sdccd.edu
BUI, SAU Financial Aid sbui@sdccd.edu
OLIVA, GIOVANNI PAREDES Financial Aid agparedes@sdccd.edu
LEVENSON, JESSICA jlevenson@sdccd.edu
PARVATI, RYAN English rparvati@sdccd.edu
LEE, JOMESHA Mesa Food Service jlee002@sdccd.edu
BOURGEOIS, MORGAN Chemistry mbourgeois@sdccd.edu
FEIGNER, MATTHEW English mfeigner@sdccd.edu
RABINOVOCH, ELIZA Basic Skills erabinovoch@sdccd.edu
JENNINGS, LEX Basic Skills ljennings@sdccd.edu
COLEMAN, TISANI Mesa Food Service tcoleman@sdccd.edu
NANISTA, JENNIFER Other Co-Curr Activities jnanista@sdccd.edu
WORLEY, GLEN Other Co-Curr Activities gworley@sdccd.edu
MITCHELL, SAMMY PE and Recreation smitchell@sdccd.edu
HART, SABRINA PE and Recreation shart@sdccd.edu
CHANG, PEIYU Financial Aid pchang@sdccd.edu
TOVILOVIC, KRISTINA Food Service ktovilovic@sdccd.edu
BROWN, THERESA English tbrown001@sdccd.edu
WILLIAMS, BRANDON SSSP/Counseling bwilliams001@sdccd.edu
JARRAD, SPENCER Basic Skills sjarrad@sdccd.edu
NASLAND-CHILDERS, MARA Art mnasland@sdccd.edu
MCWRIGHT, JEREMIAH Food Service jmcwright@sdccd.edu
DAY, KATALINA Food Service kday001@sdccd.edu
FEARN, ZACHARY Food Service zfearn@sdccd.edu
GHIBAT, RUTA Food Service rghibat@sdccd.edu
ZAVYALOVA, DARIA Food Service dzavyalova@sdccd.edu
YEARGIN, CHRISTINA Financial Aid cyeargin@sdccd.edu
GARCIA, CHINA cgarcia002@sdccd.edu
HUMPHREY, NINA Biology nhumphrey@sdccd.edu
WASHINGTON, BRYCE SSSP / Orientation bwashington@sdccd.edu
NIETO, CLAUDIA Financial Aid cnieto@sdccd.edu
DO, HELEN Financial Aid hdo@sdccd.edu
POWELL, NDEYE Financial Aid npowell@sdccd.edu
REED, BRIANA Office of the Dean of Math and Science breed@sdccd.edu
ORTIZ, TATUM Bridges to the Baccalaureate tortiz001@sdccd.edu
DORAN, KWINN History kdoran@sdccd.edu
LOPEZ-ARAMBURO, MARIA Chicano Studies mlopez004@sdccd.edu
MANASSE, MARK Tutoring mmanasse@sdccd.edu Staff
ALLRED, MANDY English callred@sdccd.edu Faculty
ARELLANO, JAMIE Disability Support Programs and Services, Administrative Office jarellan@sdccd.edu Staff
BETTINGER, AMY SSSP/Assessment and Placement abettinger@sdccd.edu Staff
FISCHER, TIMOTHY Athletics Trainers 619-388-2421 tfischer@sdccd.edu Faculty
FURROW, DWIGHT Philosophy 619-388-2404 dfurrow@sdccd.edu Faculty
GAXIOLA, CESAR Admissions cgaxiola@sdccd.edu Staff
HADDAD, MAGGIE Business Services mhaddad@sdccd.edu Staff
HUYNH, TRUNG Admissions trhuynh@sdccd.edu Staff
JOHNSON, CLORIS President's Office cljohnson@sdccd.edu Staff
KROGH, KRISTIN Basic Skills Learning Support kkrogh@sdccd.edu Staff
LAZEAR, SUSAN Fashion slazear@sdccd.edu Faculty
LEYVA, RUBEN SSSP/Follow Up rleyva@sdccd.edu Staff
LIEU, CHARLIE SE Research and Evaluation clieu@sdccd.edu Staff
LIMON, RUBEN Reprographics rlimon001@sdccd.edu Staff
LOPEZ, DULCE CAROLINA Admissions dlopez@sdccd.edu Staff
MCCREA, STEPHANIE Child Development smccrea@sdccd.edu Staff
MEYERS, AMY Admissions ameyers@sdccd.edu Staff
MONA, ALISON Dean of Health Science and Public Service amona@sdccd.edu Staff
MORA, ELIZABETH Disability Support Programs and Services, Administrative Office emora@sdccd.edu Staff
NARA, MARINA Chemistry mnara@sdccd.edu Faculty
NOVOSAD, CAROL Animal Health Technology 619-388-2838 cnovosad@sdccd.edu Staff
PALACIOS, KATHRYN Learning Resources and Academic kpalacio@sdccd.edu Faculty
PARRILL, EVA SE Professional Development eparrill@sdccd.edu Staff
PICOLLA, OLIVIA SSSP/Follow Up opicolla@sdccd.edu Staff
RIVAS-SANDOVAL, ADRIANA SSSP/Counseling-Advising arivassa@sdccd.edu Staff
RIVERA JR, AGUSTIN SE Coordination and Planning arivera@sdccd.edu Staff
ROACHFORD, JENNIFER Admissions jrocha@sdccd.edu Staff
ROSARIO LOPEZ, ABIMALIEL Admissions arosario@sdccd.edu Staff
RUWE, CHELSEA Art cruwe@sdccd.edu Staff
SALAZAR, DEBORAH Evaluations 619-388-2680 dsalazar@sdccd.edu Staff
SALTER, STEVEN Disability Support Programs and Services Counsel/Guide ssalter@sdccd.edu Faculty
SCHWARZ, RACHEL Student Accounting rschwarz@sdccd.edu Staff
SHORT, DANIELLE dashort@sdccd.edu Staff
SOJOURNER, RAQUEL SSSP/Counseling-Advising rsojourn@sdccd.edu Faculty
STROMWALL, DANIEL Student Equity Plan dstromwall@sdccd.edu Staff
SUAREZ, SCOTT Anthropology ssuarez001@sdccd.edu Faculty
THAO, VANG SSSP/Counseling-Advising vthao@sdccd.edu Staff
TRUTNA, KARLA Outreach 619-388-2230 ktrutna@sdccd.edu Staff
WATERS, CHRISTOPHER Physics cwaters@sdccd.edu Faculty
WHITING, DAWN President's Office dwhiting@sdccd.edu Staff
WILLIAMSON, TODD SE Professional Development twilliamson@sdccd.edu Staff
FLORES, SEAN Library sflores001@sdccd.edu Staff
ROY, MARK-ANDRE Exercise Science mroy@sdccd.edu Staff
DONAN, MARY English mdonan@sdccd.edu Faculty
OLIVEIRA, AUREA English aoliveira@sdccd.edu Faculty
VALLE, NAFTALI Food Service nvalle@sdccd.edu Staff
SUKHANOVA, OLGA English osukhanova@sdccd.edu Faculty
WILLIAMS, KESIA Financial Aid kwilliams@sdccd.edu Staff
ORLANDO, ANNA Financial Aid aorlando@sdccd.edu Staff
ORLANDO, ANNA Financial Aid aorlando@sdccd.edu Staff
WRIGHT III, LOUIS SSSP Counseling lwright001@sdccd.edu Staff
TRUONG, ANH THU Student Accounting atruong@sdccd.edu Staff
BROWN, AJANI Black Studies abrown@sdccd.edu Faculty
NAVA, PABLO Facilities pnava@sdccd.edu Staff
LIVINGSTONE, ERICA Drama elivingstone@sdccd.edu Faculty
ALVAREZ, SAMANTHA URBINA Financial Aid surbina@sdccd.edu Staff
PIOVESAN, FABRIZIO English fpiovesan@sdccd.edu Faculty
FERREIRA, SAN MARTIN Facilities sferreira@sdccd.edu Staff
GOODARZI, MAHKAMEH Financial Aid mtorabi@sdccd.edu Staff
KARP, JENNIFER Basic Skills jkarp@sdccd.edu Staff
HALE, MELISSA Basic Skills mhale@sdccd.edu Staff
MACISSAC, ISABELLA Basic Skills imacisaac@sdccd.edu Staff
DUNCAN, CHRISTIAN Art cdrugan@sdccd.edu Faculty
GOMEZ, LETICIA Language lgomez001@sdccd.edu Faculty
WATKINS JR., GARY Exercise Science gwatkins001@sdccd.edu Staff
VONG, BINH Chemistry bvong@sdccd.edu Faculty
MCCORKLE, KENT Chemistry kmccorkle@sdccd.edu Faculty
FLEISCHMAN, SAMUEL Chemistry sfleischman@sdccd.edu Faculty
DE MOYA, ROBERT Math and Natural Science rdemoya@sdccd.edu Faculty
IDRUS, NIRELIA Math and Natural Science nidrus@sdccd.edu Faculty
MUMBY, TRACEY Health Science and Public Service tmumby@sdccd.edu Faculty
WILLIAM, KIM Health Science and Public Service kwilliams001@sdccd.edu Faculty
SALIS, MICHELLE Financial Aid bestrada001@sdccd.edu Staff
AL-MUFLEHI, ACEYA Bookstore aalmuflehi@sdccd.edu Staff
EDUSADA, GIA Bookstore gedusada@sdccd.edu Staff
MARSHALL, DANIEL Exercise Science dmarshall@sdccd.edu Staff
HERNANDEZ, ILEANA Food Service ihernandez001@sdccd.edu Staff
MONTESA, MARISA Food Service mmontesa@sdccd.edu Staff
FRANKLIN, LORINA Food Service lfranklin@sdccd.edu Staff
BALDORIA, CHRISTOPHER Financial Aid cbaldoria@sdccd.edu Staff
BEACH, DIANE Communication Studies dbeach@sdccd.edu Faculty
PAUL, ZENAIDITA Psychology zpaul@sdccd.edu Faculty
GONZALEZ, DALIA Student Equity dgonzalez001@sdccd.edu Staff
DAUNORAS, GREGORY Real Estate gdaynoras@sdccd.edu Faculty
BERGMAN, GRETCHEN Fashion GBERGMAN@sdccd.edu Faculty
SIBAYAN, HAZEL Food Services hsibayan@sdccd.edu Staff
BOTROS, AMIR Mathematics abotros@sdccd.edu Faculty
KIM, YEONKYUNG Mathematics ykim001@sdccd.edu Faculty
TERVO, CALIF Physical Science ctervo@sdccd.edu Faculty
SPIRO, KEVIN Physics kspiro@sdccd.edu Faculty
ANAYA, CONSUELO Exercise Science canaya@sdccd.edu Faculty
PODOMINICK, ELIZABETH Exercise Science epodominick@sdccd.edu Faculty
O'LEARY, STEVEN Architecture soleary@sdccd.edu Faculty
BASSETT, IAN Music ibassett@sdccd.edu Faculty
FOSTER, ERIC Music efoster@sdccd.edu Faculty
ARANDA, JOSE Student Accounting jaranda@sdccd.edu Staff
VEGA, ANDREA Business Services 619-388-2771 avega001@sdccd.edu Staff A-102 A-102
MEYERS, ROB Bookstore 619-388-2854 rmeyers@sdccd.edu Staff H-107 H-105
BARTON, BLYTHE Dance Faculty
BROWN, KELSEY kbrown001@sdccd.edu Faculty
HERRIN, BRIDGET Research and Planning bherrin@sdccd.edu Faculty
KALAGARA, SUDHAKAR Chemistry spallaka@sdccd.edu Faculty
ODASSO, DAVE Communication Studies dodasso@sdccd.edu Faculty
PIDGEON, NADIA Interior Design Faculty
PLAMBECK, SCOTT Communication Studies splambeck@sdccd.edu Faculty
RICKETTS, SEAN Track and Field, Cross Country Faculty
SECOR, KRISTIAN Web Development ksecor@sdccd.edu Faculty
GAYTAN, JESUS Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, Special Populations jgaytan@sdccd.edu Faculty
RODRIGUEZ, PATRICIA prodriguez@sdccd.edu Faculty
SHUMAKER, RYAN Exercise Science rshumaker@sdccd.edu Faculty
STELLMACHER, KRISTA kstellmacher@sdccd.edu Faculty
ALFUENTE, ANTHONY aalfuente@sdccd.edu Staff
CATANO, YOLANDA ycatano@sdccd.edu Staff
CHHUM, VANNDARO vchhum@sdccd.edu Staff
EDWARDS-CORMODE, LAURA lcormode@sdccd.edu Staff
HOANG, HAI hhoang001@sdccd.edu Staff
JONES, ELIZABETH ejones@sdccd.edu Staff
LOPEZ, ALICIA alopez@sdccd.edu Staff
SOLARES, DIANA dsolares@sdccd.edu Staff
MURILLO, RENE SSSP/Orientation rmurillo001@sdccd.edu Staff
STARK, BEATRIX SSSP/Orientation bstark@sdccd.edu Staff
GUILLEN, MATHIAS Financial Aid - FWS mguillen@sdccd.edu Staff
MARQUEZ LUNA, ANA Financial Aid - FWS amarquez002@sdccd.edu Staff
STRUSZCZYK, PATRICK Financial Aid - FWS pstruszczyk@sdccd.edu Staff
VILLAGRAN SUAREZ, AMALIA Financial Aid - FWS avillagran@sdccd.edu Staff
ALANI, SAJAD Financial Aid - FWS salani@sdccd.edu Staff
ZOLINA, YULIIA Financial Aid - FWS yzolina@sdccd.edu Staff
ALVIN MORERA, MON Financial Aid - FWS mmorera@sdccd.edu Staff
LE, THANH Financial Aid - FWS tle004@sdccd.edu Staff
SANCHEZ, MIKAEL Financial Aid - FWS msanchez002@sdccd.edu Staff
HO, YEN Financial Aid - FWS yho@sdccd.edu Staff
GOMEZ, PAOLA Financial Aid - FWS pgomez001@sdccd.edu Staff
MOSQUEDA, LINDY Financial Aid - FWS lmosqueda@sdccd.edu Staff
GONZALEZ SANTIZO, BESSY Financial Aid - FWS bgonzalez001@sdccd.edu Staff
AYALA, DESTINY Financial Aid - FWS dayala001@sdccd.edu Staff
SANDERS, HANNAH Financial Aid - FWS hsanders@sdccd.edu Staff
RAO, ALEIMAN Financial Aid - FWS arao@sdccd.edu Staff
TRINH, QUYEN Financial Aid - FWS qtrinh@sdccd.edu Staff
OJEDA, JOCELYN Financial Aid - FWS jojeda@sdccd.edu Staff
VU, CASEY Financial Aid - FWS cvu@sdccd.edu Staff
LEMKE, ALICE Student Health Services alemke@sdccd.edu Staff
PARZEN, ELIAS Basic Skills Learning Support eparzen@sdccd.edu Staff
PARRA, JOSE Basic Skills Learning Support jparra001@sdccd.edu Staff
LIU, LINGFENG Basic Skills Learning Support lliu@sdccd.edu Staff
REITH, JASON Basic Skills Learning Support jreith001@sdccd.edu Staff
BALTODANO, MARIA Basic Skills Learning Support mbaltodano@sdccd.edu Staff
KOEFOED, LORI Multimedia lkoefoed@sdccd.edu Staff
SADLER, RYAN Vetrinary Technician rsadler@sdccd.edu Faculty
MENOGUE, MICHELLE Radiologic Technology mmenogue@sdccd.edu Faculty
LOMAX, GRACE Radiologic Technology glomax@sdccd.edu Faculty
MICHAELIAN, JAMES Work Experience jmichaelian@sdccd.edu Staff
BURLEY, JOCELYN Child Development jburley@sdccd.edu Faculty
LACEY, DONNA Phlebotomy dlacey@sdccd.edu Faculty
ROSTWOROWSKI STOCCO, CAROLINA Basic Skills/Student Outcomes-Tutors crostworowski@sdccd.edu Staff
LYNN, ALLISON English Department alynn@sdccd.edu Faculty
SCALES, SAMMIE English Department sscales@sdccd.edu Faculty
CARR, KITRINA English Department kcarr@sdccd.edu Faculty
NOWICKI, REBECCA Library rnowicki@sdccd.edu Staff
MARTIN, KAMAAL Accelerated College Program kmartin001@sdccd.edu Staff
BOWEN, EVON Biology ebowen@sdccd.edu Faculty
MUELLER, LIA Biology lmueller@sdccd.edu Faculty
SEIVERD, REBECCA Biology rseiverd@sdccd.edu Faculty
CHU, MONICA Biology mchu@sdccd.edu Faculty
MARKEY, JOHN Mathematics jmarkey@sdccd.edu Faculty
BECKSTEAD, MATTHEW PE and Recreation mbeckstead@sdccd.edu Faculty
MARTHA, ALEJANDRA PE and Recreation amartha@sdccd.edu Faculty
BOUDREAU, CHRISOPHER PE and Recreation cboudreau@sdccd.edu Faculty
JAMES, DORCHELLA PE and Recreation djames@sdccd.edu Faculty
PARSONS, JULIE PE and Recreation jparsons@sdccd.edu Faculty
APOSTOL, ROMALYN Other Co-Curr Activities rapostol@sdccd.edu Staff
LEONETTI, STEPHEN Other Co-Curr Activities sleonetti@sdccd.edu Staff
CLEGG, KEAFER Other Co-Curr Activities kclegg@sdccd.edu Staff
RUIZ, DANIEL Other Co-Curr Activities druiz@sdccd.edu Staff
ASHLYN, JAHNA Psychology jashlyn@sdccd.edu Faculty
MORENO, JENNIFER Chicano Studies jmoreno@sdccd.edu Faculty
PACKER, AMANDA Art apacker@sdccd.edu Faculty
BRANDEBERRY, KRISTIN Art kbrandeberry@sdccd.edu Faculty
HERC-BALASZEK, MALGORZATA Art mherc@sdccd.edu Faculty
TARANTINO, PHILLIP STEM HSI Title III-Instruction ptarantino@sdccd.edu Faculty
BRIANA, ROMERO bromero@sdccd.edu
TSAI, CHIAHONG SE Student Service Categorical Staff
DA SILVA, JAQUELINE jruiz002@sdccd.edu
LLANO, FEDERICO faguirre@sdccd.edu
RESENDIZ CABRERA, ISIS iresendiz@sdccd.edu
MCCOY, CONNOR cmccoy@sdccd.edu
LEE, JAE jlee005@sdccd.edu
SALAZAR, LILIA lsalazar@sdccd.edu
CASCIOPPO, KYLIE kcascioppo@sdccd.edu
KLANKWAMDEE, JEELASAK jklankwamdee@sdccd.edu
MARTEL, NICHOLAS nmartel@sdccd.edu
LAMB, TRACEY Dean, Health Sciences and Public Service tlamb@sdccd.edu Faculty
GULYAS, DENNIS Communication Studies dgulyas@sdccd.edu Faculty
ZAVALA, BLANCA EOPS bzavala@sdccd.edu Staff
DE ANDA, CARLY Communications Department cdeanda@sdccd.edu Faculty
ALDANA, LORENA Financial Aid laldana@sdccd.edu Staff
ANDER, HALIMA Financial Aid hander@sdccd.edu Staff
LEE, YONGSEON ylee02@sdccd.edu
BELKACEM, YASMINA Financial Aid ybelkacem@sdccd.edu Staff
MEDINA, ALYSSA SSSP amedina001@sdccd.edu Staff
LEONARD, RACHEL Basic Skills Learning Support rleonard@sdccd.edu Staff
ALVARADO, DAVID Mesa Accounting - ERP dalvarado001@sdccd.edu Staff
SAINT LOUIS, MARIE Financial Aid msaintlouis@sdccd.edu Staff
FOWLER, TIMOTHY Basic Skills Learning Support tfowler@sdccd.edu Staff
BESTER, KRIZIA CCTR8327 GRANT kbester@sdccd.edu Staff
DO, CUONG Financial Aid cdo@sdccd.edu
RANSOM, TYLER Basic Skills Learning Support transom@sdccd.edu
PHAM, IVY STEM HSI Title III-Instruction ipham@sdccd.edu
HANSON, CYNTHIA STEM HSI Title III-Instruction chanson@sdccd.edu
DAO, PHUC STEM HSI Title III-Instruction pdao@sdccd.edu
SAN NICOLAS, TRENT tsannicolas@sdccd.edu
HEBRON, SHANI STEM HSI Title III-Instruction shebron@sdccd.edu
YAP, CINDY cyap@sdccd.edu
KRISTOFERSON, MATILDA Associated Students Funds mkristoferson@sdccd.edu
MONCADA, JOAQUIN Associated Students Funds jmoncada@sdccd.edu
ZAMUDIO, FLOR Associated Students Funds fzamudio@sdccd.edu
THOMPSON, CAROLE STEM HSI Title III-Non-Instr cthompson@sdccd.edu Staff
RAUTHAUSE, LEO STEM HSI Title III-Instruction lrauthause@sdccd.edu Faculty
HERNANDEZ, RICARDO Basic Skills Learning Support rhernandez002@sdccd.edu Faculty
SACHS JR, JOHN Basic Skills Learning Support jsachs@sdccd.edu Faculty
ARMENDARIZ, JOSE Mesa Accounting-ERP jarmendariz@sdccd.edu Staff
WASDAHL, ALLISON Mesa Accounting-ERP awasdahl@sdccd.edu Staff
MIZE, JEREMY Basic Skills Learning Support jmize001@sdccd.edu Faculty
RIOS-ZAMUDIO, CIFREDO Basic Skills Learning Support crios@sdccd.edu Faculty
TANON REYES, NAYLYNN STEM HSI Title III-Instruction ntanon@sdccd.edu Faculty
MEDINA, ANA Mesa Accounting-ERP amedina002@sdccd.edu Staff
LOPEZ, CARMINE Culinary Arts clopez002@sdccd.edu
BAKER, ALEC Communication Studies abaker@sdccd.edu
GONZALEZ, JONATHAN Multimedia jgonzalez@sdccd.edu
TRAN, JIMMY Financial Aid - FWS jtran001@sdccd.edu
THOMAS, DILLON STEM HSI Title III-Instruction dthomas001@sdccd.edu
DRAKE, ELIZABETH Basic Skls/Stu Outcomes-Tutors edrake@sdccd.edu
CHATFIELD, RACHEL STEM HSI Title III-Instruction rchatfield@sdccd.edu
ZIRK, KARIN Humanities kzirk@sdccd.edu
SANGUINET, MARIO Communication Studies msanguinet@sdccd.edu
YOUNG, BRETT PE and Recreation byoung002@sdccd.edu
GROBIN, AMY Chemistry agrobin@sdccd.edu
KURBANOV, ELBEK Chemistry ekurbanov@sdccd.edu
CASTELLANOS, CHEYENNE Mesa Accounting-ERP ccastellanos@sdccd.edu
PHAM, DANKHANH Biology dpham@sdccd.edu
LAZOOTIN, TAYA Geography tlazootin@sdccd.edu
O'ROURKE, AUBRIE Biology aorourke@sdccd.edu
SALING, MARIA Hotel Management msaling@sdccd.edu
KURIAKOSE, KATHLEEN Fashion kkuriakose@sdccd.edu
FREDRICK, RICHARD Fashion rfredrick@sdccd.edu
ATKINS, MARK Culinary Arts matkins@sdccd.edu
WANG, SONG Chemistry swang@sdccd.edu
ABERLE, ALFRED Chemistry aaberleang@sdccd.edu
KNUDSEN, ALEX PE and Recreation aknudsen@sdccd.edu
TAILA, RIYADH PE and Recreation rtaila@sdccd.edu
SOLAIMANI, SARA Chicano Studies ssolaimani@sdccd.edu
MA, LING Languages lma@sdccd.edu
TANG, AMARA Strong Workforce Marketing atang@sdccd.edu
RESENDIZ RAMOS, MARIBEL Financial Aid - FWS mresendiz@sdccd.edu
GEORGES, RITA Financial Aid - FWS rgeorges@sdccd.edu
NAGATA, YOKO Basic Learning Skills Support ynagata@sdccd.edu