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AV Services Request

AV Services Request

Please use this form to request any multimedia production services including video production, DVD duplication, etc. Once received, the video team will review the request, determine requirements/availability and contact you for an intake meeting to discuss schedule, cost (if any) and other details. Thank you in advance for your patience.
NOTE: Please complete this form in its entirety to process your request.

Points to Consider

Please review each of these questions to help determine production objectives.

Who is the audience and who will see the finished program?
On what format/delivery system will audience view the production — tape, broadcast, website, DVD, YouTube or other?
What information or impression should they bring away from the program?
What are the key points and key information, teaching/learning points to be covered?
What is the working title of program and/or series?
What is the preferred running time of program?
What is your availability during the process? (You need to allow time for meetings, organizing some aspects of production and sometimes to be there for shooting and editing.)

  • Do you need whole event documented? Only part of event?
  • How many speakers?
  • Will a PowerPoint be used? Can we have a copy of the PowerPoint?
  • Is there a digital flyer? Can we have a copy of it?
  • Can video be used for marketing future events?
  • Where will archive go? Department external Drive?

We do not provide closed captioning services, please click on the link to get your videos closed captioned.

Questions about this form?

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Include content, length and purpose
If this is related to an event please enter the event id.