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Leticia López
HSI Program Manager
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Taya Lazootin
Innovation Research Lab Coordinator
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Jazmin Nunez

Innovation Research Lab Assistant
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Nelson Zaragoza Flores

Innovation Research Lab Assistant
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Seth Cardin

Innovation Research Lab Assistant
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Maya Ceramics

Innovation Research Lab (IRL)


We are located in the B building (B-106). Our services are free to all Mesa College students with a student ID card. The Innovation Research Lab is a space where STEM students can hold club meetings, use for research, study, workshops, and much more! Check out our resources below!

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The Innovation lab aims to empower our diverse student population to obtain their academic goals by providing educational access, support, inclusion, and lifelong learning opportunities at San Diego Mesa College. As a community college research center, we promote student success by linking faculty with student mentees to develop exciting research ideas, encourage scholarship, and nurture scientific identity. As faculty, we believe that research experience is extremely fundamental for academic achievement and we welcome all students regardless of age, gender, or social and cultural background.


Our vision is to be a leading community college with a comprehensive program structured around the understanding of scientific investigation by engaging students in research initiatives.

Strategic direction and Purpose:

  • Teach ethics and responsible conduct in research
  • Engage in problem solving based learning
  • Foster science identity and inclusion of all students
  • Participate in scientific article readings and journal club
  • Teach students the ability to analyze data and interpret results
  • Train students to present their research at mini-symposia and professional societies

Overarching goal:

The goal of our center is to enhance and enrich student learning at Mesa College. Our program provides a creative and inclusive scientific environment where positive research experiences allow under-represented students to feel welcomed so that they become STEM majors at San Diego Mesa College.

Scientific Domain:

Archaeology, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Physics, Psychology.

What's happening?

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