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Women's Studies Interdisciplinary Program

Welcome to the Women's Studies Department's Home Page. The purpose of this and other linked pages is to furnish information about our programs, courses, and staff. 

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About Women's Studies

The Women's Studies Program at San Diego Mesa College is an interdisciplinary program designed to explore the past, present and future of women from a multi-cultural perspective. The courses in this program will explore how women's lives have been affected by society's values, traditions, and institutions and how language, belief systems, political structures and economic systems shape women's as well as men's status in society and culture. The Women's Studies curriculum examines how women's experiences differ by ethnicity, class, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation and investigates the literary, artistic, scientific and political contributions of women throughout history.

The Women's Studies courses fulfill general education, American Institutions, and multi-cultural requirements for the Associate in Arts degree and for university transfer programs. Courses can also be used as preparation for a transfer major in Women's Studies.

The Women's Studies Program also is designed to introduce students to the career possibilities in law, medicine, education, health science, public administration, journalism, and social services. The skills in critical thinking and analysis prepare students for a variety of careers, including professional opportunities in political and social agencies working with women and developing public policy on women’s issues such as health care, employment, family violence, and education. The Women's Studies Program offers service learning opportunities in many of these fields.

The Women's Studies Program intends to be as inclusive as possible, welcoming women and men of all backgrounds, while providing special encouragement to women. To that end, the Program will support extra-curricular activities, such as student organizations and special women-oriented activities on campus, including the celebration of Women's History Month and student support services directed at women, including a Women’s Resource Center on campus.