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San Diego Mesa College Students may elect to complete lower-division Teacher Education courses at SD Mesa College. Afterwards, students are highly encouraged to transfer to a CSU, UC, or Independent/Private University to complete the baccalaureate degree and teaching credential. Students have the opportunity to become professionally competent teachers and excellent leaders in the field of education!

Services Offered

  • Identify and support future teachers
  • Provide current information regarding university teacher education programs
  • Provide information on California teaching testing requirements
  • Provide in-class presentations and workshops


In California, the appropriate credential to teach in an elementary school setting is the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. This credential authorizes credentialed school teaching in a self-contained classroom in kindergarten and grades 1 through 8. A self-contained classroom is most often found at the elementary school level. Mesa provides courses that lead to this credential in its Liberal Studies Program. It's advised to see the Tch Ed counselor: Gabriel Adona ( for more specific information about pursuing this major. 


In California, the Single Subject Teaching Credential is the appropriate credential to teach a special subject, such as Math or English in a departmentalized classroom at the middle school or high school level. This credential authorizes credentialed school teaching in a departmentalized classroom in grades 6 through 12. For more information on this credential, see your Tch Ed counselor: Gabriel Adona  and view the information for your particular major in 


Where can I go with my degree in Teacher Education?

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(begin Fall 2020)  
(tuition and fees only)
CSET waivers
(don’t need to take CSET exams)
Accelerated option?
(Credential achieved in 4 yrs)
Financial incentives
Additional Info
*SDSU 7,510 Elementary;
High School Math and Chemistry  
ITEP in Elementary;
Single Subject Math and Chemistry
Scholarships and financial aid: if Hispanic, $500.00 for books, etc. while at CC (pending)  
*UCSD 14,451 Math and Biology: Chemistry pending None so far Scholarships and financial aid Ed Science major.  Computer science minor pending
*CSU San Marcos 7,713 Elementary;
High school Math and History
ITEP Potential in future for elementary Scholarships and financial aid:  STEM money STEM tutoring: extra support for Hispanic students
*USD 49,358 None Available for Single Subject STEM options Scholarships and potential help for STEM majors  
*National Special program: 0-7,000 depending on need none 4 yr to get BA/math with addition of  student teaching Low or no cost for HS majors, SPED and some El Ed if agree to teach locally for 3 yrs.  
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   California Basic Educational Skills Test 

  •    CBEST
  •    Mesa no longer provides a CBEST prep.                 Check with other local colleges

   California Subject Examinations for Teachers    (CSET)