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The Psychology Program seeks to provide students with a fundamental knowledge base in the field, including a critical understanding of psychological concepts and theories, a foundational knowledge of research methods used to develop our science, and an awareness of the sociocultural impact of our discipline. A main emphasis of our program is its focus on our students' successful transfer to baccalaureate institutions to complete their undergraduate education. Research skills are emphasized in our program, and a main focus (and student learning outcome) of the discipline is to introduce students to scientific research methodology. Students are challenged to build and refine their capacities for critical thinking, rational problem-solving, and quantitative and qualitative analyses and this topic is a component of every course offered in the program.

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A program suited to the needs of both the two-year student and transfer student who plans to major or minor in Psychology or related fields. It will provide the student with greater understanding of behavior. Upper-division and graduate studies can lead to vocations in teaching, research, counseling, and other areas.