Physical Sciences Faculty
Tenure Track Faculty Email Phone Office Mail
Don Barrie (Geology) Chair 619-388-2942 MS-115J MS-115N  

Stephanie Colby
(Physics/Astronomy) 619-388-2629 MS-115i MS-115N  
Michael Crivello
(Physics) 619-388-2653 MS-115L MS-115N
Michael Goldstein
(Physics/Physical Science) 619-388-2665 MS-115D MS-115N
Morteza Mohssenzadeh
(Engineering) 619-388-5822 MS-115F MS-115N
Claude Mona (Physics) 619-388-5823 MS-115M MS-115N
Steven Siegel (Emeritus)
(Physics) 619-388-2629 MS-115 MS-115N
Jennifer Snyder
(Physics/Physical Science)   MS-115H MS-115N
Irena Stojimirovic
(Astronomy/Physics) 619-388-5885 MS-115K MS-115N
Staff Email Phone Office Mail
Michael Lewis
(Instructional Lab Tech.) 619-388-2628 MS108 MS115N

Chris Waters
(Instructional Lab Tech.)  619-388-2628 MS108A MS115N


Adjunct Faculty Email Phone Office Mail

Diba Zia Amirhosseini
(Engineering )    MS115P   MS-115N
Bulent Bas
(Geology)    MS115P MS-115N
 Dr. Sasha P. Carter
(Geology)    MS115P MS-115N
David Coleman
(Astronomy)   MS115C MS-115N
Hamidreza Ghasemi
Cezarina Magdalena Gramada
(Physics and Physical Science)   MS115C MS-115N
Gary Howell (Physics)   MS113 MS-115N
Tim Ironman
(Engineering)     MS-115N
Scott McCartney
(Physics/Astronomy/Physical Science)  (858)-939-9623 MS115G MS-115N
Rex Paris
(Physics)   MS115C MS-115N
Ray Rector
(Geology)   MS115P MS-115N
Whitney Ryan

 (916)-996-4426 MS115G MS-115N
Sina Sadjadi
(Astronomy)   MS115G MS-115N
Pete Stang

Gene Terray (Physics)

 (774)-392-0070 MS-115P MS-115N