Music Theory & Ear TRaining

The Music Theory/Ear Training program at San Diego Mesa College is rigorous and employs an evolution in teaching music literacy using technology and gaming models of learning. The aim of the program is to facilitate learning music theory & ear training so that musical elements can be recalled quickly and easily.

All students wishing to start must either first pass the MUSI 150A Basic Musicinship online test or take the 1 semester course. 

To test out of Basic Musicianship:

In order to motivate students to spend more time practicing music fundamentals, online music theory & ear training quizzes are used in conjunction with in-class testing in Basic Musicinship, Music Theory & Ear Trainging classes. The online modules help students to become musically literate through an emphasis on speed and repetition. Student progress in the classes are accelerated through practice with the online music theory/ear trainging  drills. The website uses an intuitive approach to learning, which follows a gaming model instead of a traditional academic one; students keep practicing until they acquire skills instead of only taking a one-time high pressure test. In the music theory/ear trainging program students also create innovative projects such as music theory videos, online analysis projects, student presentations, and websites.

Students going through all four semesters of music theory and ear training are often able to transfer to a four-year college and test directly into upper division courses. The feedback from faculty in the San Diego area is that San Diego Mesa College students are musically competent and understand their musical fundamentals. 

Here are some links to music theory video projects created by past music theory students at San Diego Mesa College:

Circle of Fifths   -   Fugue    -   Modulation   -   Harmonized 7th Scales