MaAs Music Lab

Maas Music Lab

The Maas Music Lab, located in room C-108, is a computer lab available to music students to enhance their studies of music theory, ear training, electronic music, and music technology.

The lab consists of 9 PC workstations with the following:

  • Music Notation Programs - Finale, Sibelius, Muse Score & Aria Player with Garriton Instrument Suite.
  • Music Theory & Ear Training Practice - Practica Musica, Ear Training Companion & Pitch Blaster.
  • Audio Recording Software - Pro Tools, Audacity, & Midi Keyboard.
  • Office Tools - Microsoft Office and Scanner & Printing Station.

Alex Maas studied music at San Diego Mesa College. He died in 2009 after a six-year battle with multiple myeloma. Donations to the San Diego Mesa College Music Department made in the memory of Alex Maas have enabled the department to enrich its music program and to create the Maas Music Lab in C-108.