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Info About Spanish 125Spanish for Health Care Professionals
  This Spanish course develops comprehension and fluency and introduces medical terminology and content at the novice-high level through culturally and medically relevant materials. Students acquire the specialized vocabulary needed in medical professions, dramatize professional medical interactions, and develop the grammatical and cultural competency needed to succeed as health professionals. Culturally sensitive oral communication is emphasized and context-specific grammatical structures particular to the health profession introduced. This course is intended for students preparing to work in the medical and health fields. Associate Degree Credit & transfer to CSU.
Fall 2013
spanish theater

Honors-level, theater-focused Spanish 202 (4th semester) class

Be both playwright and actor! Honors Spanish 202 students develop creative writing skills and improve their oral expression by completing scripted dialogues and playing theatrical games. Improve your Spanish grammar and vocabulary as you learn more about the Hispanic culture through theatre and the arts. Students will attend local theatrical/ cultural venues. We examine and discuss historical and cultural topics with theatrical readings. In this collaborative, hands on course, students team up to co-author an original one act play they perform in the Mesa Apolliad Theatre by the end of the course.

Honors students are strongly encouraged to co-enroll in Experimental Drama 268 or 267, 1.0 unit course with Professor Polak for rehearsals. This is a TBA course.