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2017 - What Works: Sharing Successful Teaching Techniques in Languages

2017 Mesa Language Conference


Charles Kovach How Students Write Role-Play Dialogues PDF
Trevor Shanklin Improving Instruction with Online Diagnostic Proficiency Assessment PDF
Katie Palacios Fun Free Teaching Tools from Flippity!  
Rachèle DeMéo Motivating the Unmotivated to Learn a Language  
Dora Schoenbrun Fernández & Claudia Woodard Fun and Easy Teaching Techniques with YouTube to Engage Students PDF
Andrea Petri Cognitive Grammar: An Effective and Operational Tool for Language Students  
Sofía Tannenhaus Amigos en las Américas: A PLB Approach to Language Learning PDF

2016 Language Conference San Diego Mesa College

2016 - E3: Empowerment, Engagement & Equity

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Dr. Angelica Palacios Student Success for Underserved Students PDF
Marcos Adame, Miroslava Alverado Kahoot: a Learning Cognitive Tool PDF
David Miroy, Mirella Heidrich, Lynn Keane Creating Interactive Lessons in Language Classes Using Google Apps PDF
Dr. Alfredo Urzua Student and Teacher Motivation in Language Learning PDF
Christy Ball, Sarah Martin Sparking Passion: Engaging Student Voice through Project-Based Learning in Language Classrooms PDF
Tom Schultz, Kerry Green Representing Black Cultures in the World Language Classroom PDF
Erika Garcia Project-Based Learning: How does the pedagogical method work in language classes? PDF
Andrea Petri, Marina Laneri, Silvia Kading Open Educational Resources: an 'open' alternative to costly textbooks PDF
Paulino Mendoza 10 Cool Web Tools to Engage and Transform Language Learning/Teaching  
Katie Palacios Put Your Voice in Their Pocket PDF
Noha Ireiqat Engaging College Students in the Learning Process PowerPoint

2015 - Challenges in the Community College Foreign Language Classroom.

2013 - Motivating Language Learners (10th Annual Conference, April 12, 2013, Room G-101)


  • "Exploring Motivation in Bilingualism." Dr. John H. Schumann, Applied Linguistics, UCLA
  • "Will Technology Improve the Motivation of Language Learners?" Prof. Kristi Reyes M.A., TESOL, MiraCosta
  • "How Languages Determine a Language Learner's Identity & Motivation." Prof. Vangie Akridge, M.A., Doctoral candidate, licensed educational psychologist, SDUHSD

2012 - The Human Brain and Language Learning

2011 - Best Practices: Speaking Dynamics

2010 - Service Learning

2009 - Culture in the Language Classroom

2008 - Technology in Language Learning

2006 - Innovative Models of Global Curriculum Development

2005 - International Education

2004 - Living Languages

2003 - Language Links: Learning Across the Curriculum