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The study of history as an academic discipline is serious and systematic. Historians analyze the events and processes of the past, both to gain more understanding of human nature, in any place and at any time, and to explain the distinctive dynamics of particular societies, usually in regional and chronological contexts. Moreover, we see historical study as a fundamental contribution to liberal, humanistic education and the development of critical intelligence. Hence our history courses are intended to strengthen critical skills students will use in any field of study and/or profession. In addition, studying the past will prepare students to better discharge the responsibilities of citizenship.

The primary short term objectives of the History program are: fulfillment of general education requirements for American Institutions, Humanities and Social Sciences; completion of the Associate in Arts degree; and preparation for transfer to four-year institutions and, completion of general education requirements for the students enrolled in four-year institutions. 

Please Note: The numbers assigned to Mesa College’s history courses do not reflect their degree of difficulty.  Thus, History 101 is not necessarily more difficult that History 100.  Nor is it necessarily easier that History 105, 106 or another course with a higher number.  Each student is encouraged to review the History Program’s course descriptions to find topics that most suit his/her individual interests while also the fulfilling specific educational plan requirements.


Most careers in history require education beyond the associate degree and some require a graduate degree. The most common career options for students with history preparation include: archivist, business person, diplomatic corps, historian, journalist, lawyer, librarian, museum curator, park historian, professor, teacher, and writer.

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