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The Black Studies Department is a holistic and interdisciplinary field of study that includes and connects history, psychology, sociology, politics, literature, religion, oral communication, music, and art. The Black Studies Department promotes academic, professional and personal excellence by providing quality instruction and services that inspire, empower and facilitate student success through life-long learning in an environment that encourages and validates diversity.  Black Studies courses support students in building an academic and personal foundation from student-centered teaching and learning spaces that cultivate the pursuit and completion of higher learning within and outside of the academic arena.  Combined with internships, community service, and experiential learning engagements, Black Studies students develop critical thinking and culturally competent skill sets enabling them to participate in a broad range of careers in both the public and private sectors.

Black Studies makes education relevant for life!

As a multi-disciplinary curriculum, Black Studies offers articulated courses in the humanities and social sciences that meet general education requirements for an associate and/or transfer degree. Our program builds a positive understanding and knowledge of the history, culture and contributions of Africans and African Americans to the development of the United States and the world.  All students benefit from courses in Black Studies especially those who pursue careers in the social sciences, education, law, counseling, journalism, social work, business, and public administration.

"A people without knowledge of their history are destined to relive it."


As a part of the School of Social/Behavioral Sciences and Multicultural Studies, our department offers an Associate in Arts degree in Black Studies with emphasis upon 27 units of lower-division preparation for the major and courses related to transfer and graduation requirements at four-year colleges and universities.   

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As a transdisciplinary program dedicated to education and service, Black Studies cultivates academically and culturally competent leaders and community activists who are independent learners, researchers, critical/analytical thinkers, and solution producers. We believe that every student brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to the learning process with the capacity to grow and learn more.  As a result, students acquire a knowledge of self and life mastery from learning the connection and application of Black Studies across the curriculum, throughout the community and the workplace. Hence, students develop a social character and personal outlook that embraces an attitude of civic responsibility and global awareness necessary to contribute to the well-being of themselves, their communities, and humanity.