Behavioral Sciences Department

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Mesa College's Behavioral Sciences Department houses the Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology programs.

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Students planning a major in anthropology should prepare themselves with undergraduate courses which complement that major. An undergraduate major in anthropology is not intended to be a training program, since professional anthropologists draw their experiences from a variety of academic backgrounds and personal plans an anthropology major consult one of the anthropologists on the faculty for advice on courses that will be most valuable. For the non-major anthropology will provide a unique cross-cultural understanding of other peoples.


A program suited to the needs of both the two-year student and transfer student who plans to major or minor in Psychology or related fields. It will provide the student with greater understanding of behavior. Upper-division and graduate studies can lead to vocations in teaching, research, counseling, and other areas.


Sociology is the study and classification of human societies. Sociology is interested in our behavior as social beings. In the broadest sense, sociology is the scientific study of social groups.

The program offered is suited to the needs of both the two-year student and the transfer student who wishes to major or minor in sociology or related fields. It is designed to provide the student with a greater understanding of human interactions, social processes, and social structures