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Exhibiting outstanding work by established and emerging artists and offering San Diego's only hands-on program in Museum Studies and Gallery Management.

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Welcome to the San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery. The gallery exhibits outstanding work by contemporary artists and showcases artwork created by San Diego Mesa College students. The gallery is located in room D101.

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GALLERY HOURS: MTW 11 am - 4 pm, Thursday, 11 am - 8 pm
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Gallery Mission:

The Mesa College Art Gallery is an educational forum to present the work of professional artists in a range of media and dealing with diverse issues. The gallery also showcases outstanding artwork created by students in the Art Department.

It is our mission to enrich and engage our student community through art. The gallery exhibits are complemented with artist lectures, workshops, and guided tours.

The works on display reflect a variety of topics in order to engage students from other disciplines and departments. We have created exhibits in collaboration with Chicano Studies, Women Studies and the Black Studies department.

The gallery serves as a laboratory for the Art Department's Museum Studies Program. The college is the only San Diego institution to offer an AA and a Certificate of Performance in Museum Studies/Gallery Exhibition Skills.

During the academic year four exhibits features art by emerging and established contemporary artists.

A student exhibition is held at the end of every semester. Besides exhibits in our main space, D101, the Art Gallery program and the Museum Studies classes also curate exhibits in locations around San Diego. Past exhibits have been curated as Space4Art, San Diego Art Department, Mission Valley Library, Claire de Lune, Voz Alta and San Diego Contemporary Art Fair 2013 and 2014. Check out our Museum Studies page on FB: San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies.


Alessandra Moctezuma, Gallery Director, Museum Studies
Call Pat Vine, Art Gallery Assistant

7250 Mesa College Drive -D101 San Diego, CA 92111-4998

Artist Submissions:

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Helen Redman: The Other Side of Birth

March 10 - April 14, 2015

Reception: Thursday, March 12, 5 - 7 pm, Art Gallery D101

               Artist Lecture following reception 7 pm, G101

             Gallery Talk: Friday, April 10, 1:30 pm, D101

Check out Helen Redman's work at

PARKING IS FREE ON RECEPTION NIGHT: Park in the upper faculty parking areas adjacent and across from the flag pole.

The Other Side of Birth features these explorations of motherhood plus a selection from a ‘family lifeline’ series that Redman has been working on starting in 1962 and continuing to the present. These striking family portraits are intimate explorations of her pregnancies and the emotional bonds between a mother and her children. The pictorial compositions are an ode to her children and grandchildren, to their discoveries, and to the development of their identities. The gallery will be filled with lushly executed paintings, drawings, and pastels by San Diego based Redman. A slightly different selection of works, also curated by Alessandra Moctezuma, will be shown at the Women’s Museum of California from April 23 through May 31, and entitled Through A Mother’s Eye. Most of the works in these exhibits were culled from the artist’s personal collection and many of them are being shown for the first time.

Throughout history we have been exposed to images of mother and child: religious paintings of Madonnas and the tender images by Mary Cassatt. Feminist artists in the 1970s delved into the topic but at a time when minimalism and abstraction reigned, powerfully emotional views of motherhood and pregnancy were mostly disparaged. The works by Redman are particularly unique; she observes with love, but not with the romanticized gaze of Cassatt; she lets the weight of life and responsibility show through. There is a rawness and boldness that show through in her portraits. 

Expanding on the tradition of the self-portrait, Redman chronicles every dramatic aspect of motherhood. She captures the changes in her body, the swollen belly, the engorged breasts, and growing hips. As a life develops inside, she draws herself, standing or sitting with pen in hand and forearms resting on the drawing pad. That ink line, that fluid life-line will continue to follow the contours of her babies’ little bodies, the hills and valleys of their patterned pajamas, the wide-open eyes in surprised young faces, the bodies that float, reach and curl in the white void of the paper. As her kids grow, the compositions fill with joyful quilted patterns. The children seem to recede and emerge, a tension between an engulfing foreground (a waiting universe) and a nascent personality peeking through.  

The exhibit will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog with essays by art historians Amy Galpin, Ph.D. and Malia Serrano, M.A. In the catalog, Redman’s children and grandchildren contribute short memoirs about the documentary aura that surrounded them all their lives. Redman invites us to experience a truly novel family album.

Helen Redman is an internationally exhibited figurative painter and mixed-media artist. Her work is included in the permanent collection of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum; the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center and the Rose Medical Center, Denver, Colorado. She co-founded Front Range Women in the Visual Arts in Boulder, Colorado. After her move to the West Coast, she was the first president of the San Diego Women’s Caucus for the Arts in 1990 and received their Honor Award for lifetime Achievement in the Visual Arts in 2010. Redman received her MFA from University of Colorado in1963.

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