Art Department

Art History Emphasis

Art History Emphasis

The Art History emphasis focuses on the development of a core foundation of a global history of art, Students will be able to apply and expand these understandings to specific problems of media and context. Successful completion of the courses indicates that a student has achieved an operational understanding of certain essential visual skills and an awareness of cultural and historical factors that manifest various types of visual media.

Courses Required for the Major:


ARTF 107 Contemporary Art 3
ARTF 109 History of Modern Art 3
ARTF 11 0 Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic 3
ARTF 111 Art History: Renaissance to Modern 3
ARTF 113 Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas 3
ARTF 125 Art History: Arts of the Asian Continent 3
ARTF 150A Two-Dimensional Design 3
ARTF 151 Three-Dimensional Design 3
ARTF 155A Freehand Drawing I 3
ARTF 231 Introduction to Digital Art 3
Select three courses from:
ARTF 115 African Art 3
ARTF 161 A Museum Studies/Gallery Exhibition Skills I 3
ARTF 165A Composition in Painting I 3
ARTF175A Sculpture I 3
ARTF 191 Cultural Influences on Photography 3
ARTF 194 Critical Photography 3
ARTF 195A Ceramics I 3
ARTF 210A Life Drawing I 3
BLAS 110 African American Art 3
CHIC 230 Chicano Art 3
Total Units = 36

For graduation requirements see Requirements for the Associate Degree.

Electives as needed to meet minimum of 60 units required for the degree.

Recommended electives: Fine Art 174A, 190A, 198A, 220A.

Note: Only one Fine Arts (ARTF) course from the above list may be used to satisfy SDCCD general education requirements.

(Mesa College Catalog 2013-14)