Art History for Transfer

Associate in Arts Degree:

Art History for Transfer

The Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree in Art History or a related major in the California State University (CSU) system. It is accepted by some but not all CSU campuses. Students who complete this degree and transfer to a participating CSU campus will be required to complete no more than 60 units after transfer to earn a bachelor's degree. It may not be appropriate preparation for students transferring to a CSU campus that does not accept the degree.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students who complete the Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer will be able to:

Critical Thinking: Students will develop the ability to affect critical thinking in visual terms.

Historical Awareness: Students will develop the ability to engage visual art as defined in a progression of change.

Visual Literacy: Students will develop the ability to employ art concepts and terminology effective and to understand the creative process of art-­making.

Technological Awareness: Students will develop the ability to understand materials, methods and techniques both historical and contemporary and the contexts in which they are employed,

Global Awareness: Students will develop the ability to expand the vision of the role of art in the greater culture and an awareness of cultural diversity (and its use/effect on art-making).

Students will be assessed through a combination of performance evaluations, written assignments, and written tests and quizzes.

Note: Students who plan to complete this degree should consult a counselor and visit for additional information about participating CSU campuses as well as university admission, degree and transfer requirements.

Award Notes:

Students are required to complete a maximum of 60 CSU transferable units with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0,

Major: A minimum of 18 units with grade of C or better,

General Education: In addition to the courses required in the major, students must complete one of the following general education options:

The California State University General Education Breadth pattern

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum pattern

Note: Completion of the California State University American Institutions graduation requirement is strongly recommended prior to transfer.

Courses Required for the Major:


ARTF 11 0 Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic 3
ARTF 111 Art History: Renaissance to Modern 3
ARTF 155A Freehand Drawing I 3
Category A: Select one of the following courses (3 units):
ARTF 113 Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas 3
ARTF 115 African Art 3
ARTF 120 Native American Art 3
ARTF 125 Art History: Arts of the Asian Continent 3
ARTF 130 Pre-Columbian Art 3
Category B: Select one or two of the following courses, or any course not selected in Category A:
ARTF 231 Introduction to Digital Art 3
ARTF 151 Three-Dimensional Design 3
ARTF 165A Composition in Painting I 3
ARTF175A Sculpture I 3
ARTF 190A Black and White Art Photography 3
ARTF 191 Cultural Influences on Photography 3
ARTF 194 Critical Photography 3
ARTF 195A Ceramics I 3
ARTF 197A Handbuilding Ceramics I 3
ARTF 198A Introduction to Printmaking I 3
ARTF 1988 Introduction to Printmaking II 3
ARTF 198C Introduction to Printmaking III 3
ARTF 210A Life Drawing I 3
ARTF 231 Introduction to Digital Art 3
ARTF 232 Introduction to Digital Drawing and Painting 3
ARTF 233 Introduction to Digital Photographic Imaging 3
Category C: Select one of the following courses, or any course not selected in Category A or B:
ARTF 107 Contemporary Art 3
ARTF 109 History of Modern Art 3
BLAS 110 African American Art 3
CHIC 230 Chicano Art 3
Total Units = 18

For graduation requirements see Requirements for the Associate Degree.

Electives as needed to meet minimum of 60 units required for the degree.

(Mesa College Catalog 2013-14)