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The Architecture and Environmental Design Department at San Diego Mesa College offers courses and degrees in three disciplines: Architecture, Interior Design, and Building Construction Technology.

The focus of this page is to furnish information about the Architecture Program. Information about Interior Design and Building Construction Technology are listed separately.

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The Architecture Program at Mesa College has two main focuses: transfer to university Architecture programs and preparation for direct employment in architecture or a related design office.  Because employment in the architectural profession has become increasingly selective, often requiring a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in Architecture or a Bachelors of Architecture for entry-level positions, the Mesa College program is focused primarily on transferring qualified students to university programs offering those degrees.  Understanding the architect’s important role in protecting the environment is paramount.  The integration of sustainable design principles within a project’s overall solution continues to be a natural extension of the holistic, collaborative design approach which is the foundation of Mesa College’s architecture curriculum.

Transfer Program

The Architecture Program offers a full complement of design, history, theory, and technical courses coordinated to facilitate transferring students. We have articulation agreements with many university programs in California and beyond. We have enjoyed a high degree of success in placing students into many of the most prestigious programs in the nation, including graduate programs for students with Bachelors degrees in other fields. We are particularly proud of our 2 + 3 program with Woodbury University. This program guarantees transfer directly into third-year studio status with portfolio review for qualified students.

Direct Employment

For students seeking employment directly from Mesa College we offer courses designed to provide the technical skills required for entry-level technician positions in the architecture profession. These courses include Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) courses utilizing several different popular CAD programs, construction detailing courses, hand drafting courses and graphic design communication courses. Students completing these courses are well prepared to enter the field as technicians.

Counseling Assistance

Students wishing to transfer to university programs in Architecture and Landscape Architecture should consult with college counselors regarding transfer requirements and articulation agreements prior to enrollment. Faculty members are also available to help you plan your course of study.