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Advisory Committee

CAREER EDUCATION Advisory CommitteeS

Career Education Advisory Committees play an integral part in shaping curricula development at San Diego Mesa College.  The committees help ensure that our programs remain in touch with the needs of local business and industry so that students receive relevant instruction.  The Career Education Advisory Committees consists of a group of individuals selected to represent broad points of view relative to a specific Career Education area.  Members should have a strong sense of commitment to the development of our educational program and our students.

Career Education Advisory Committee Handbook Revised: May 2018

Accounting Spring 2018 Spring 2018
American Sign Language Spring 2019 Spring 2019
Animal Health Technology Fall 2018 Spring 2019
Business Spring 2019 Spring 2019
Computer Business Technology Fall 2013 Fall 2011
Computer Information Systems Spring 2018 Spring 2018
Culinary Arts/Management Fall 2018 Spring 2019
Dental Assisting Fall 2018 Spring 2019
Dietetic Service Supervisor (Nutrition) Spring 2018 Spring 2018
Fashion Fall 2018 Fall 2018
Geographic Information Systems Fall 2018 Fall 2018
Health Information Management
Spring 2019 Spring 2019
Health Information Technology Spring 2019 Spring 2019
Journalism Spring 2018 Spring 2018
Medical Assisting Spring 2015 Spring 2016
Physical Therapist Assistant Spring 2019 Spring 2019
Radiologic Technology
Spring 2019  Spring 2019
Real Estate Fall 2017 Fall 2017
Spring 2013  n/a