Cohort #3

Student Scholars 2017-18

Photo Science Connection Recent High School/ College

student scholar
 Barbara Perez

Barbara is a Biology major, here is what she says about Bio "I'm amazed by how living things work and how humans can modify them in order to develop a better quality of life". Mesa College

studentEzekiel Nwaigwe

Ezekiel is a student who is interested in majoring in Nutrition.

 Montgomery High School

 student scholarHector Alcala

This is why Hector wants to study Animal Science "I'm interested in Animal Science and Management because I want to help create a better environment that will reduce methane in the ozone layer"

 Charter School of San Diego

student scholarHy Truong

"I like math and love crunching numbers", this is why Hy wants so major in Accounting. He also enjoys hiking and road trips to National Parks.

 Mesa College

 studentJadi Dineros

Jadi Dineros is an active member in the community. She is involved in the Honors Club and she wants to major in Business Administration.

Mesa College

 studentMahlet Merachew

Mahlet wants to study Computer Science!

Mesa College

 studentMayra Cervantes

Here is why Mayra wants to be a Nurse, "the main reason why I am interested in my major is because I want to help people when they need it. I hope that in the future I get to help people not only in hospitals, but also in any place as the situation occurs".

 Clairemont High School

student scholarRebeca Fonseca

Rebeca is interested in studying Viticulture and Enology! She would like to create an organic environment and implement innovations of natural resources. Mesa College

 studentSammy Flohr

Sammy wants to major in Environmental Science, here is why "I am interested in my major because I do a lot of volunteering for Audubon, this is where I was first introduced to environmental conservation. This led me to want to work in a scientific field along with spending time working outside". Mesa College

student scholar 
Vicryl Elgincolin

Vicryl is a newly graduating high school student who wants to study Computer Science. She is interested in studying technology because she finds the subject interesting and knows of the impact is has on our society. Morse High School

Sandra Bustamente

Sandra wants to major in Nutrition and she is a new student to Mesa College.

 Mesa College

student picture
       Mandy Huynh

I am going into nutrition because it is a prevention of most health problems. I am very compassionate  to help and guide people I know and will work with to make a healthier choice to prevent health problems.

Mesa College
student picture
         Sofia Lozano

I like to believe that most of our answers could be answered by science. I specifically show interest in the biology of humans.

Mesa College


Jen Khor

Jen Khor


Jen is majoring in interior design. She is also an active member of AS where she holds a position as a senator.

Mesa College

 Kathy Picture

Katherine Solchaga


Katherine is a computer science major. She is involved in the Honors club and the Computer Science Club. She hopes to become a software engineer and inspire young girls to pursue careers in the STEM field.

Mesa College


Tahmina Pic

Tahmina Habibzada


Tahmina chose Physiology/Neuroscience and Molecular Biology, due to her grandmother having a neurological disorder which sparked her interest in these fields. Also, because she wants to represent underrepresented women in STEM majors.

Mesa College

 Marehan Pic
Marehan Waly


"I am majoring in Bioinformatics which is a beautiful middle ground where Biology and Computer Science meet. I love Bioinformatics because it is an interdisciplinary field that allows me to pursue two areas of knowledge that I find beneficial to the advancement of medicine and technology."

 Mesa College


Oscar's pic

Oscar Neri

Oscar is an Mechanical Engineering transfer student. He says that he chose that major because of his curiosity of how things function. Since he was a child he has been disassembling equipment to see how it works. Mesa College

 Sara Pic

Saradha Rao

" I’m going into environmental science because I feel a responsibility to mitigate the human impacts on the environment and also to be part of the movement towards a greener future."  Mesa College


Ashley's pic

Ashley St. John


"My interest in biology is driven by my pursuit of global environmental sustainability."

 Mesa College

Nathan picture

Nathan Adera

Nathan is a Mechanical Engineering major and will be trasnferring to San Francisco State University on Fall 2018. Mesa College