Cohort #2

Student Scholars 2016-2017

Photo Science Connection Recent High School/ College
m Michael Elgincolin wants to be more involved with school and while helping as many students as he can. Mesa College

Transferring to SDSU Fall 2017

Aislinn Roberts wants to be involved in volunteer work and in projects that require helping others through the SEEDS Scholars Program.

 Clairemont High School

Zulaykha Nazar-- "Science creates many opportunities for individuals to help improve our world, and create an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to helping preserve nature."


Mesa College

Allondra Gonzalez is interested in field trips, workshops and  conferences offered through the SEEDS Scholars Program.

 Mesa College

Transferring to CSU Long Beach Fall 2017
 Alyssa Alyssa Burnley is very passionate about environmental sciences and volunteering with the SEEDS Program.  La Jolla High School
 Ashley Ashley Meza wants to expand her awareness about environmental issues and give back to her community.  Mesa College
 Gregorio SEEDS will help Gregorio Pedraza be more aware of his community and take care of the world.   Madison High School
 Jackie Jackie Recinos Lopez wants to take advantage of SEEDS opportunities and to continue her volunteer efforts. Kearny High School
 Lucia Lucia Centeno wants to make an impact in the world through sustainability. Mesa College
 Mohamud Mohamud Aden is very interested in STEM related fields.  Mission Bay High School
 Robin Robin Ellam is interested in a career related to sustainability and agriculture. Mesa College
 Ti'Shaun Ti'Shaun Allen wants to learn about sustainability, food security, and environmental issues.  Kearny High School

Transferring to SDSU fall 2017

Vanessa Figueroa wants to have more opportunities related to the SEEDS themes.

 Mission Bay High School

Sara Ramirez enjoys the outdoors and learning about the environment and wants to learn how she can work on sustainability and other environmental issues. 

 Mesa College

Transferring to UCSD fall 2017
 cohort2 Claudia Nieto is eager to learn about agriculture and how it can be applied in our K-12 education curriculum. She enjoys gardening and fresh salads. Mesa College

Accepted to STARS Summer Research Program at UCSD 2017
 Cohort2 Bryan Le is concerned with the environment and as a Civil Engineer major wants to give back to his community in the future. Kearny School of International Business




student scholar


Cassie Casares loves to meet new people and wants to major in the field of Agriculture. She wants to make an impact in the world.




 Whitney Doyle is new to the SEEDS Program! We are excited to see her become a part of the team.

Flavia DePlachett is new to the SEEDS Program! She is majoring in Environmental Engineering. We are happy to welcome to the program.



Mesa College

Accepted to US Forest Service Summer 2017 Internship



Mesa College



Mesa College