Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Becky Snow
Becky with President Pam Luster
I returned to college as an older student to pursue a new career as a high school English teacher. My honors experience was a big part of my success at Mesa. I had the opportunity to personalize my education, work one-on-one with professors, do research projects, and work on group projects, all of which allowed me to explore my academic interests deeply and gave me a richer and more meaningful educational experience. Participation in the honors program also helped me get accepted to UCSD as a transfer student, and the rigorous coursework, research projects, and class presentations, which I wouldn’t have experienced in my regular classes, helped me make a smooth transition to upper division classes. I believe that anyone can be a successful honors student! You can achieve anything you want if you keep at it.

Eric Dickinson
The Honors Program empowered me to think outside the box by taking classes that challenged me and forced me to think critically. Classes such as English 205 which was taught from a Middle Eastern Perspective and gave me a new outlook on the Middle East. Other classes like honors Statistics which allowed me to collaborate on a group project, in which we analyzed the environmental health of various San Diego beaches and presented solutions to improve the environment.
The Honors program allowed me to connect with other motivated students and be apart of an amazing community. I would like to welcome new honor students and if anyone has any questions about my experience  you can reach me at

Accepted: USC & UC Berkeley

Josh Hilke
josh hilke

"From Mesa Honors Student to MIT Transfer Student"

I started my academic career at San Diego Mesa College with no plans other than to transfer to a four-year university and graduate with a B.S. in computer science. I figured I could probably get into UCSD and maybe even Berkeley if I was lucky. I worked hard in my physics, mathematics, and computer science classes, and with a core group of friends that I studied with everyday. My dedication eventually paid off more than I could imagine.
During my second semester at Mesa, a friend of mine was admitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for spring transfer. I couldn't believe it; a community college student transferring to the number one tech school in the world. I was instantly motivated and made it my goal to apply and get accepted to MIT. I knew that if I wanted to have any shot at getting into MIT, I would need more than straight A's to set myself apart in order to become part of the 1-5% of transfer applicants admitted to MIT. That's when I discovered Mesa's Honors Program.
From an admissions perspective, honors classes are an easy way to determine not only which students are willing to go the "extra mile" in their studies, but to determine which students can succeed in rigorous academic environments. With this in mind, I took every honors course I could in math and physics. My goal was to show MIT that I could not only survive while taking a rigorous course load of technical classes, but thrive as well.
My hard work paid off and this year I was accepted to MIT for the Spring 2017 semester and I am set to graduate with the class of 2019. Looking back, taking multiple honors courses per semester at Mesa was a fantastic simulation of the pace and workload that I've encountered here at MIT. School is hard and deadlines are relentless, but pushing myself to the ceiling of achievement at Mesa via the honors program has helped me adjust quickly to this new and challenging environment. I would encourage anyone who wants to attend enrich their academic experience and/or apply to a top tier university to participate in Mesa’s honors program.

Evander Deocariza
Evander Deocariza
The Honors Program at Mesa promises additional academic rigor, research opportunities, and deeper working relationships with professors. It delivers on all these things, and so much more. Besides adding depth and richness to my education, it changed the trajectory of my life. The Honors Program exposed me to dedicated students who pushed the boundaries of what was academically possible at a 2-year institution. Their aspirations carried them far beyond San Diego to top-tier universities around the country. Their successes inspired me to do the same, and I resolved to go to Stanford University.
Rather than settle for "good enough" or look for easy A's, I chose to take on a challenging course load and excel. The hard work paid off, and I will transfer to Stanford in Fall 2017. At this time, I don't know what the workload at Stanford will be like, but thanks to the Honors Program, I've had the opportunity to develop my time management skills and to practice perseverance in the face of academic adversity. I highly recommend that all students at least dip their toes in and try taking an Honors Class. It may sound trite, but you won't know what's possible unless you try.

Emory Hingorani 


The Honors Program is a great way to get involved at Mesa and further your intellectual and professional development. For me, taking honors courses helped me meet classmates with similar academic interests and transfer goals, and working on honors coursework allowed me to develop closer relationships with my professors and explore academic interests beyond what’s covered in the normal curriculum. Outside of the classroom, Honors also provides students the chance to attend research conferences, volunteer opportunities, and cultural events at Mesa and around San Diego. I strongly encourage any student interested in enhancing his or her educational experience at Mesa to get involved with the Honors Program. Honors really helped me achieve my goal of transferring to Brown University, and no matter what you want to accomplish at Mesa, in the transfer process, or beyond, the Honors Program will provide you with resources, opportunities, and support to help you achieve these goals.