Mesa Honors Program Co-Coordinator & District Honors Committee Co-Chair

 Dr. Veronica Gerace

Dr. Veronica Gerace is excited to be a part of the Honors Program team at San Diego Mesa College.  She is a Professor of Communication Studies and is passionate about helping students achieve their goals.  She believes in cultivating meaningful relationships to fosters success and happiness for everyone.  Dr. Gerace teaches many of the captivating communication courses that provide tools for students to use in building great professional, personal, and social relationships.  Some of these courses that she teaches include, intercultural communication, small group communication, health focus communication, and interpersonal communication.  Dr. Gerace earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, her M.A. from the University of Dayton, and her doctorate from San Diego State University.  She loves being a mom to wonderful children and going on travel adventures with her husband. 

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Mesa Honors Program Co-Coordinator

Plambek in Jacket

Professor Scott Plambek, M.A.

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Office: G-310

Professor Scott D. Plambek is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at San Diego Mesa College and he has been a part of our Mesa family since Fall 2017.  Professor Plambek is no stranger to the community college system, having earned an Associate’s Degree from Oxnard College in 2009.  He believes wholeheartedly that every student has value and deserves happiness.  Please find Professor Plambek on campus and get to know him! He looks forward to meeting you!

Mesa Honors Program Co-Coordinator & District Honors Committee Co-Chair

ian mast

Dr. Ian Duckles

Dr. Ian Duckles is a Professor of Philosophy here at Mesa College. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Berkeley and his Ph.D. at the University of California, Irvine. While he is interested in all areas of philosophy he particularly enjoys studying Ancient Greek philosophy and Existentialism. His favorite class to teach is Philosophy 100: Logic and Critical Thinking in which he endeavors to provide his students with a “short course in intellectual self-defense.” When not teaching and studying philosophy, or working with the Honors Program, or being active in his Union (AFT 1931), Ian enjoys spending time at home with his spouse, two dogs, and nine chickens. He is also a major beer snob.

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Honors Counselor

Honors Counselor: Anthony Reuss

Counselor Anthony Reuss

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Office: I-400

Anthony Reuss has been a Personal Growth professor and counselor at Mesa College for the past 20 years.  What he loves most about his counseling role is working with the students at Mesa and experiencing the wealth of diversity that the student body offers. “Making a positive change in the lives of students is very rewarding, I enjoy my work very much” explains Professor Reuss.  One of his current counseling assignments is working with the Honors students. He develops educational plans and provides transfer and degree completion information to students participating in the Mesa Honors Program.

HONORS Office Assistant


Honors Student Staff

 We are looking to hire great student team members!  If you are interested in helping to support motivated and can commit to working at least 8 hours per week and are eligible for work study, please contact Dr. Gerace at