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Program provides training in the fundamental skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing the language, and increases one’s familiarity with the French language. From a vocational standpoint, the curriculum will provide a student with skills useful in translating, interpreting, teaching, linguistic or literary research, music, foreign trade, or missionary work. The major requires 26 units in French, unless the student has completed two years of French in high school (with a “C” average or better). In this case, the department will determine the courses necessary to complete the requirements.

Award Type Units
Associate of Arts Degree:
French 26*

*and courses to meet graduation requirements, general education and electives as needed to meet the minimum of 60 units required for the degree.

Associate of Arts Degree


Note: Only one French (FREN) course from the above list may be used to satisfy SDCCD general education requirements.

For graduation requirements see Requirements for the Associate Degree .

Electives as needed to meet minimum of 60 units required for the degree.

Recommended Electives: Art - Fine Art 109 , 111 ; Anthropology 103 , 107 ; Chicano Studies 135 , 138 ; English 220 , 221 ; Geography 102 ; History 115A , 115B , 120 ; Music 109 ; Philosophy 106 ; Vietnamese 201 .

Courses Required for the Major: Units
FREN 101 First Course in French 5
FREN 102 Second Course in French Design 5
FREN 201 Third Course in French 5
FREN 202 Fourth Course in French 5
FREN 210 Conversation and Composition in French I 3
FREN 211 Conversation and Composition in French II 3
Total Units = 26

Transfer Information

Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should complete courses required for the university major and the general education pattern required by that transfer institution. See catalog TRANSFER INFORMATION section. Additional courses may be required to meet university lower-division requirements.

Course requirements at the transfer institution are subject to change and may be verified by a counselor or by consulting the current university catalog. Many Baccalaureate in Arts degrees require third semester competency in a foreign language. Consult the current catalog of the transfer institution and consult with a counselor.

Program Learning Outcomes