Professional Development Training/Events at San Diego Mesa College

Calendar of Events
1/23 Catalyst! One Day Teaching Conference
The Faculty Professional Learning Committee

1/22 New Faculty Institute
1/23 New Faculty Institute
1/24 Spring Convocation 2019

2/1 Community and Conversation: Equity vs Equality
2/1 Closing the Equity Gap: Student Centered Teaching & Learning
2/27 Bringing NCORE Back: Adjunctification as a Barrier to Achieving Equity
2/28 Digital Learning Day
March header
3/1 Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA) 
3/1 Community Conversations 2018 Transfer Report: Disproportionately Impacted Students
3/1 The Best Practices for Teaching Community College Students- What Works!
3/8 Community Conversations - Equity
3/8 More Than a Word
3/14 MESA HSI Pre-Conference

3/15 MESA HSI Conference

3/20 Community Conversations - Data Driven Solutions

Apr 03 Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA)
Apr 5 Love & Support
Apr 10 Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA)
Apr 12 Community Conversations TBA Topic
Apr 12 "In the Stacks" What's in your library collection?
Apr 17 Community Conversations - "I Can't Relate"

Apr 19 “Can this be True?” Finding outdated Resources / Content in our Library

Apr 26 “Information Literacy” How to Help Students Evaluate Library Resources”

Apr 26 Mesa Reads "Under the Affluence" by Tim Wise

Apr 26 Love & Support I (Update)

MESA Campus


  • ClassiCon
  • New Classified Mentoring {coming soon}



Managers and Supervisors

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District Professional Learning

The SDCCD Employment & Professional Development (EPD) Office is a part of the San Diego Community College District's Human Resources Department, dedicated to the support of SDCCD employees through leadership development academies training workshops, mentoring programs, and resource referrals. Learn more...

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