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2018 Spring Convocation  

2018 Fall Convocation

2019 Spring Convocation

March 15, 2019

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Chancellor's Forum: Progress, Issues, and Plans 2018 - 2019

Board of Trustees Mesa College Campus Presentation Nov. 2018:
Students' Needs - Mesa's Promise

Office of the  President

The faculty, administrators and staff join me in welcoming you to San Diego Mesa College. As one of the largest and most successful of California's 114 community colleges, Mesa College takes pride in its high academic standards, its excellent programs and services, and its personal approach to helping each individual student succeed.

San Diego Mesa College is among the largest community colleges in California and is one of the fifteen California community colleges offering a four-year baccalaureate degree. Students will find a wide and diverse array of day, evening, weekend, and on-line courses leading to 196 associate degrees and certificate programs, and may also pursue courses and programs of general interest. Because of the college's comprehensive offerings, excellent programs, uniquely talented faculty and support services, San Diego Mesa College enjoys one of the highest student transfer rates in California and the nation.

Mesa students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges and universities enjoy a great advantage because of our carefully designed and articulated course of study culminating in a Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree with a designated area of emphasis that reflects the student's ultimate career focus. In addition, San Diego Mesa College continually maintains and updates guaranteed transfer agreements with colleges and universities in California and throughout the nation. Students following the vocational track have similar success when they enter or advance through the job market. Unique partnerships with local industries have created pathways for upward mobility and success in high-demand occupations.

San Diego Mesa College provides extensive collegiate and co-curricular experiences for students, including such opportunities as student government; twenty men's and women's intercollegiate athletic teams; clubs; performance groups; an Honors Program; Service Learning and a host of activities in which students learn leadership skills, expand their academic horizons and celebrate cultural diversity.

As you read through the college catalog, you will also find complete information about the college's programs, courses, requirements and policies. You will find information about the college's other services for students: counseling, library and media services, tutorial services, child care, financial aid, health services and special services for students with disabilities, just to name a few. The college counselors will answer any questions you may have about programs and services and will assist you in making your educational plans. To contact a counselor, call 619-388-2672.

Once again, welcome to San Diego Mesa College. We are dedicated to making your Mesa College experience a memorable and rewarding one, and to help you have a productive and enjoyable experience in realizing your educational goals.