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Help our students focus on homework instead of hunger.


Giving Tuesday

Join the #GivingTuesday movement. Donate to The Stand.

Giving matters. The amount doesn't matter, as gifts are combined creating a powerful impact.  

Your gift is the catalyst for success for Mesa students.  Funds will provide food cards to the cafeteria and student cafe. If we feed them, they will stay on campus (get tutoring and talk with their professors).  Funds will help our homeless students.  We try to find them transitional housing, but even that has a small monthly cost. Funds will pay for bus passes - having a tuition waiver is wonderful, but if you can't get to class, what good is it?  Funds will purchase books, provide emergency assistance, print cards and other needs to keep our most vulnerable students in college. 

Mesa students need you.  Mother Teresa said, "If you can't feed 100 people, than just feed one."

YOUR gift matters.  YOUR gift will change a life.  

The San Diego PROMISE

The San Diego Promise Scholarship is available to 75 recent high school graduates and/or transferring San Diego Continuing Education students to attend San Diego Mesa College! This scholarship ensures that finances are not keeping a deserving student from attending college.  The Mesa Promise fulfills the unmet needs for fees and/or books. 

To qualify, applicants must:

  • Be a resident of the San Diego Unified School District for a minimum of 3 years
  • Graduate from a San Diego Unified District High School, or successfully complete a designated program through Continuing Education
  • Enroll at Mesa College in Fall Semester immediately following graduation
  • Complete the FAFSA or Dream Act application, and accept all aid that is offered
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0, and be in overall good standing

Participants must:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of 12 units each semester
  • Complete 8 hours of community service each semester
  • Complete all Student Success orientations.

Yes, this program will be expensive, but not as expensive as not having an education.  Mesa is known for the success of its students.

If you are interested in supporting this incredible opportunity, please click on the link in the dropdown menu below!

Why Don Barrie supports the foundation

Join Don, and many other faculty and staff in supporting Mesa students through Payroll deduction.  It is easy to do from PeopleSoft MyPortal - My Pay-Voluntary Deductions - Mesa Foundation!  Your gift can match your passion.  

San Diego Mesa College Foundation 

San Diego Mesa College Foundation supports student success by providing scholarships, emergency assistance, food cards, purchasing equipment, and funding innovation.   We encourage you to support the Foundation, and change a life!

Mission Statement

The San Diego Mesa College Foundation is dedicated to empowering students to reach their educational goals by increasing resources, raising funds, and creating friends and partnerships to support the mission of San Diego Mesa College.

Our former foster youth students NEED YOUR HELP!

Many do not have a sustainable, reliable source of food, and come to classes each day fighting hunger.  Many are homeless - they are couch-surfing, and don't know where they will sleep that night. Please help us purchase food cards and help with transitional housing so these students may have the best chance possible while at Mesa.

Please note:  When you confirm your donation, there is a line for "add special instructions to the seller."  Please list the program or scholarship you are supporting in that box.  Thank you!

Mesa students are a good investment!