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Workshop: IEPI Guided Pathways (GP) Workshop Save the Date
IEBC Webinar: Faculty Engagement in Guided Pathways Feb 28, 11:00
Workshop: Creating a Lasting Guided Pathways (GP) Movement on Campus l Marriott Marquis San Diego l Feb 21 l 7:30-3:30
Free Webinar: Implementing Guided Pathways While Achieving Outcomes Now Jan 23 l 10:00-11:00 
Guided Pathways Assessment Open Forum l Nov 7 l 12:30-2 l MC 211

ASCCC 2018 Plenary Session


President's Cabinet Retreat, Nov 13, 2018
Health Sciences and Public Service, Fall 2018
Mesa Convocation, Fall 2018 PowerPoint 
Mesa Convocation, Fall 2018 Video
Mesa Pathways Committee Launch, Ashanti Hands, Aug 6-7, 2018
Mesa Pathways Committee Launch, Bridget Herrin, Aug 6, 2018
Mesa Pathways Committee Launch, Larry Maxey, Aug 7, 2018
Mesa Pathways Committee Launch, Mark Manasse, Aug 7, 2018
Mesa Pathways @ Fall 2017 Convocation: The Fourteen Elements
Mesa Pathways @  Fall 2017 Convocation: Prioritizing the Fourteen Elements
Guided Pathways at the CCCs: PCab 10/16/17
Guided Pathways: PCab 10/31/17
Guided Pathways Open Forum 11/07/17
Guided Pathways President's Cabinet Retreat 11/14/17
Mesa Pathways President's Cabinet 12/5/17
Mesa Pathways President's Cabinet 3/20/18
Mesa Pathways President's Cabinet Retreat 4/6/18