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Mesa/Guided Pathways


Guided Pathways is state-funded, multi-year program designed to improve outcomes by offering clear completion pathways and integrated support services to students. At Mesa, Guided Pathways is a framework for inquiry and action.

As an initiative meant to be organic to our institution, we are calling this effort Mesa Pathways.

The development and implementation of Mesa Pathways will be collaborative, dialogic, and intentionally aimed at both our continuous improvement and the expression of who we are in service of our students: transformational, inclusive, equitable, innovative, and committed to excellence.

The Mesa Pathways development and implementation process will focus on four fundamental activities:

  • Creating clear curricular pathways.
  • Helping students choose and enter their pathways.
  • Helping students remain on their paths in a manner that is integrated, intrusive, and just in time.
  • Ensuring that learning is happening with intentional outcomes and assessment.

Key Guided Pathways elements include - 

  • Programs that are mapped out and fully aligned.
  • Structured onboarding processes.
  • Proactive academic and career advising.
  • Instructional support and co-curricular activities. 
  • Realigning and integrating basic skills/developmental education classes.
  • Responsive student tracking systems.

Mesa College has made significant strides in each of these areas. Mesa Pathways will be used as a tool, then, that allows us to more effectively invent, inquire into, and assess the directions we've already demonstrated commitment to. 

For more information about Guided or Mesa Pathways, visit the Chancellor's Office website or contact Howard Eskew or Toni Parsons.