EcoMesa Events


Events: 2013-2014

April 22, 2014 - Dr. Philip Pryde, from the San Diego Audubon Society and Emeritus Professor of Geography at SDSU, will talk about water resource, climate change, and energy issues in San Diego. 2:30-4:30, Room TBA

April, 2014 - Eco-Lit/Eco-Art Student Contest Winners:

  • Eco-Lit
    • First Place - "A Midnight Walk" by Lyna C. Nath
    • Honorable Mention - "Clearcuts" by Conner Russell
  • Eco-Art
  • First Place - "untitled, found object, 18" x 14" by Armando A. Medrano Jr
  • Honorable Mention - "untitled (Found materials, carved wooden trunk, red acrylic pain (hearts))" by Victor Joel Robinson
Congratulations to all of our winners!  Their work is currently on display on the 3rd floor of the Math/Sciences building. (Fall Semester 2014)

Past Announcements/Events: 2012

April 12 - Lecture, Alexander Gershunov from the Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography (CASPO) section of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography will be talking about recent developments in climate change research, as well as implications of climate change for the San Diego region. 2:30-4:30, G101

March 29 - Lecture, Kristie Orosco from the Environmental Planning Department of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians will discuss the tribal use of native San Diego plants and about efforts to preserve and protect natural resources in the traditional Kumeyaay Way.

Feb-April- ESC  supported the Mesa Greenfest Environmental Film Festival

Past Announcements/Events: 2011

April 14 - Green Lecture: BottleHood: A Sustainable Business Join Steve Cherry, a member of the Bottlehood team as he discusses the building of a special type of sustainable business, BottleHood, one that uses reclaimed material as its core product. Meet with him as he highlights the special challenges that present themselves in striving to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. 12:45-2:00 pm Room B-101

March 26 - Manzanita Workshop – faculty workshop on sustainability in the curriculum.

March 26 - Canyon Day

March/April - Student Sustainable Mesa Essay Contest Winners: Ashley Salas and Megan Newbern

March/April - Mesa Garden planting

Past Events: 2009

The National Parks: Our American Landscape a Photographic Journey

Eco-Awareness Series, Fall 2009. Lectures and events:

EnviroClub Student Recycling Presentations

Organic Gardening: Visit the Mesa Garden Page

Eco-Awareness Series, Spring 2009. Lectures and events!

Organic Gardening - Visit the Green Garden on the Mesa!

Green Event at the Garden: Planting the Three Sisters!

2009 Environmental Art Contest Winners:

$200 First Prize: Isaac Alcantar: Mesa Del Futuro

$100 Second Prize: Antonella Forte: Distanzierung

$50 Third Prize: Nick Lake: Trophy Heads

Many thanks to all who participated!

Tecolote Canyon Day 2009

Past Events: 2008

Organic Garden

Eco Awareness Series - Green Lectures and Films Schedule

River Days

Recycled Art Contest

Green Products Presentation

Robert Swan Seminar (The Voyage for Cleaner Energy)

Tecolote Canyon Day 2008