Accreditation Committee


Accreditation Leadership Team

Danene Brown, Accreditation Liaison Officer

Chris Sullivan, Accreditation Tri-Coordinator

Trina Larson, Accreditation Tri-Coordinator


Accreditation Standards Team 


Standard I


Academic Quality & 

Institutional Effectiveness, 

and Integrity

Ginger Davis, Tri-Chair, Classified, Student Services

Madeleine Hinkes, Tri-Chair, Administration, IE

Jill Moreno Ikari, Tri-Chair, Faculty, English

Kim Hart, Writer, Faculty, English

Thuan Le, Writer, Student Assist. Tech, STAR

Andrew MacNeill, Writer, Dean, Humanities


Standard II

Student Support Programs

& Support Services

Erika Higginbotham, Tri-Chair, Faculty, DSPS

Trina Larson, Tri-Chair, Classified, Student Services

Tim McGrath, Tri-Chair, Administration, Instruction


IIa. Instructional Programs

Jennifer Cost, Writer, Faculty/Chair, English

Virginia Enriquez, Writer, Clerical Asst., Perkins Grant

Leroy Johnson, Writer, Faculty, Counseling

Danielle Lauria, Writer, Faculty, Medical Assisting

Laurie Lorence, Writer, Faculty, English/Ed

Barbara Pescar, Writer, Adjunct Faculty, English

Michelle Rodriguez, Writer, Faculty, Political Science

Denise Rogers, Writer, Faculty, Art

Charles Zappia, Writer, Dean, Soc/BehavMulticult Stud.


IIb. Library & Learning

Support Services

David Fierro, Writer, Interim Dean, LRC

Alison (Steinberg) Gurganus, Writer, Librarian

Carol Sampaga, Writer, Supervisor, Mesa Tutoring & Computing Center


IIc. Student Support


Isaac Arguelles-Ibarra, Writer, Faculty, DSPS

Angie Avila, Writer, Sr. Clerical Asst., Student Development

Dave Evans, Writer, Dean, Physical/Health Ed., Athletics 

Karla Trutna, Writer, Student Services Asst., Outreach

Dr. Susan Topham, Writer, Dean, Student Development


Standard III


Rachelle Agatha, Tri-Chair, Administration, Admin Serv.

Donna Duchow, Tri-Chair, Faculty, English

Charlotta Robertson, Tri-Chair, Classified, LRC

Marco Chavez, Writer, Business Services

Saeid Eidgahy, Writer, Dean, Math/Natural Sciences

David Fierro, Writer, Interim Dean, LRC

Margie Fritch, Writer, Dean, Health Science & Public Serv.

TBD, Writer, Reprographics

Taj Krumholz, Writer, Administrative Services

Lynn Lasko, Writer, Sr. Office Mgr., Business Services

Anne Zacovic, Writer, Director, Foundation


Standard IV

Leadership and


Ashanti Hands, Tri-Chair, Administration, Student Affairs

Angela Liewen, Tri-Chair, Classified, Instruction

Kim Perigo, Tri-Chair, Faculty, Communications

Inna Kanevsky, Writer, Faculty, Psychology

Leticia Lopez, Writer, Faculty, Spanish

Marichu Magana, Writer, Faculty, STAR

Dina Miyoshi, Writer, Faculty, Psychology

Pegah Motaleb, Writer, Faculty, English

Leslie Shimazaki, Writer, Dean, Arts/Languages