September 10, 2019

Mesa College Launches the Campaign for The Resiliency Fund

Jennifer N. Kearns

San Diego, CA. - Today, San Diego Mesa College announced the official launch of their new Resiliency Fund Campaign. With an ambitious financial goal of $250,000, the purpose of the Resiliency Fund is to create a sustainable long-term financial reserve that could be used to assist students in need, and thereby decrease their risk of dropping out of class or college. Read More

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W. Duane Wesley



Computer & Information Sciences
(619) 388-2234

Area of Expertise

Computer and Information Sciences, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Micro-controllers and Microcomputers, Wearable Computing, the Internet of Everything, Robotics, Neural Networks, Agile Methodology, Emergent Complexity, and the Evolution of Consciousness

Role at Mesa

Professor of Computer and Information Sciences


  • Master of Science, Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


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